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Followup Presentation 1 - Technical Aspects

Available at Prezzip.com. Sales Series by WinningByDesign & Prezzip

Your Prezis

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Followup Presentation 1 - Technical Aspects

Worker Benefits

My current and future employers can pay me salaries without a tax card.

I can always login to eTaxCard.fi and check my up-to-date tax and salary status.

Tax card for the next tax year will automatically be digitized for me.
Atypical employment
is NOT a thing of the future. Already today, 35 percent of the work force, or
800 000 workers in Finland
have atypical work contracts.
1 800 000
eTaxCard.fi was brought to you by
Team 3: Dynamic Digital
It is in the society's interest to make offering and accepting
all types of work
We believe that the Finnish Tax Administration can help make labor market
more efficient
, by offering
compelling digital services
2.4M copies annually
1.8M revisions.
Cause 70% of tax payer help requests
2. Upload your physical tax card to the service.
3. Give your salary payment information.
an online service provided by
the Finnish Tax Administration
1. Register and login to eTaxCard.fi
You are all set for digital salaries!
Depending on the type of your card
the relevant percentages, income limits etc. are automatically digitized.
Benefits for the Finnish Tax Administration

Take a concrete step towards Valmis 2019 and Income Register, without interfering with the current progress of those projects.

Start dogfooding; try out and pilot open service interfaces. Gain valuable practical experience, which serve as inputs for Valmis, going forward.

It will be possible for some customer segments for the first time get a 100% digital user experience. Personalised and up-to-date content will keep them coming back, and spreading positive word of mouth about FTA's services.

No risk for legacy systems data security.

Worker Benefits

No need to carry a tax card with me anymore.

Total control over when and how much I pay taxes.

Follow my tax year from a real-time myTax dashboard page and react in time.

Next year's tax card automatically online.
1. Pay salary of 1000€. Submit 7801 data to open API.
2. Response: Worker not registered. Wait or deduct 60%.
Employer Benefits

Direct time and money savings due to less overhead in handling the physical tax cards.

Companies like Eilakaisla Oy would profit in particular.

Eventually, no need to send the periodic form 4001 and annual 7801 to FTA any more.

3. Email notification: Incoming salary from employer X.
Register to eTaxCard, or consult your employer.
5. Retry the payment. OK: Deduct 280 €.
(Bank transaction)
6. CONFIRM or CANCEL the payment.
7. Email: Your salary is paid.
8. Real-time access to 4001 and 7081 data.
9. OPTIONAL: TyEL and TVR reports etc.
Typical Open API Workflow
An online service, which stores tax card and worker's IBAN number in a public cloud, accessible by worker and her current and future employers.
Pay salaries cost efficiently and legally, no matter how small or irregular the workers' salaries are.
SOLUTION: eTaxCard.fi
1. Web tools for Workers.
2. Web tools for Employers.
3. Open API Interface for
4. Register using strong TUPAS authentication and
upload physical tax card into the cloud.
1. Workers signs eTaxCard service contract with strong TUPAS.
2. Employer signs service contract with strong KATSO authentication.
4. Worker's informational use (myTax) uses light authentication.
3. Salary payment is done using token authentication.
1. The future can be here sooner than we think. Part of Valmis/IR functionality could be online in 6 months!

2. FTA can become a role model of a public digital citizen with innovative open API data and service interfaces. Dogfooding is key.

3. FTA can cut time-to-market by teaming up with partners.
Hackathon 2016
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