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PhD mindmapping


Sharon Churchman Morris

on 7 July 2009

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Transcript of PhD mindmapping

Representation of Jewishness in Post-War British Television and Cinema The Producers
Lew Grade
Alan Yentob
Jeremy Isaacs
Brian Tesler
Michael Grade

Michael Winner

Actors revealed
Maureen Lipman
Ron Moody
Warren Mitchell
"Not-Jewish" Actors
Sid James
Laurence Harvey
Claire Bloom
Andrew Sachs
Marty Feldman
Mike and Bernie Winters
Roles - Acknowledged
Fagin Oliver Twist/Oliver
Mr Kandinsky - A Kid for Two Farthings
Bernard Kops
Jack Rosenthal Roles - perhaps?
Rigsby - Rising Damp
Steptoe and Son
Mildred (Man About the House/George & Mildred "Soaps"
Dr Legg - Eastenders
(and his nephew?)
Felix the barber - Eastenders
Rachel Kominski -EE
? no-one in C.St. Series
The Rag Trade
Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width
Beattie (British Telecom commercials) Claire Bloom Alfie Bass Mike and Bernie Winters Marty Feldman Fagin (Oliver Twist 1948) Fagin (Oliver 1968)
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