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Cell Analogy Project

No description

Sruthi Medicherla

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Cell Analogy Project

The cytoplasm holds all the organelles and protects them from internal damage to the cell. The house itself is the cytoplasm. The house is where everyone in the family can be found.
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane is like the front door. It allows certain things in and keeps other things out. It keeps the family and friends inside and the psychopaths and murderers out.
The nucleus contains the information that tells the cell how to make you, you. The head of the family is the nucleus because they know what to do to keep the home going.
The mitochondria would be the person who often/usually cooks at home. The person cuts the food (breaking down food like mitochondria) to make the meals (energy) for the people in the home.
The nucleolus makes ribosomes for the cell. The ribosomes produce proteins that perform different functions in the cell. In this case, the nucleolus would be the brain of the head of the family because their brain produces the ideas that sustain the home.
The ribosome would be the moneymaker(s) in the home. They make the money (proteins) for the other people (organelles) to use.
Golgi Body
The Golgi Body packs lipids and proteins and and sends them throughout the cell. The Golgi Body in a home would be whoever packs the lunches for the others (or the people themselves if they pack their own lunch) because they pack proteins and lipids for the other (organelles) people to use.
Cell Analogy Project
By Sruthi Medicherla
Analogy: Home
Endoplasmic Reticulum
In the cell, the endoplasmic reticulum or ER produces proteins, lipids and hormones for the cell. In a home, the ER would be the other moneymaker. They make more money (proteins, lipids, and hormones) for the other people (organelles) to use.
The centriole produces spindle fibers to help the cell separate the chromosomes in mitosis for asexual reproduction. In a home, that would be the children in the family. They keep the parents (the chromosomes) from making more babies by separating them.
The lysosome would be like the dog in the family. It breaks down and consumes anything that is of no use or any extra materials or organelles (old items used as chew toys; table scraps). Well, I guess the dog isn't exactly like a lysosome...it doesn't eat the family members, and thank goodness for that!
Thank you! :)
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