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Natural Solutions Medicine Cabinet

No description

ray bolin

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Natural Solutions Medicine Cabinet

Reinventing Healthcare with Natural Solutions
Medicine Cabinet Makeover
Essential Oils are Powerful
How to Use Essential Oils
What Do You Choose?
Modern Medicine
For Preventative Healthcare...
Natural Remedies

Managing Symptoms

Synthetically Produced
Designed to manage symptoms
Generally, not specific and may cause collateral damage.
They are consistent...never change.
Side Effects
Over use of is one of three risk factors that can deteriorate our health.
Overuse of antibiotics and chemical antibacterial cleaners led to the creation of “Superbugs”.
Are we any healthier?
Designed to Heal
Naturally Produced
Works within
the Body
Made from hundreds of natural compounds found in plants that have nutritional and medicinal value
Safe benefits without side effects
Boosts immune system naturally
Brings the body to homeostasis
Pennies per dose
What Are Your Top
Three Health Concerns


1 drop = 28 cups
Young Living Oils are Therapeutic Grade

Natural properties that are anti-bacteria, anti-viral, and anti-fungal, anti-tumoral
50-70 times more powerful than herbs
70% carbon in weight
Seed to Seal is Young Living's way of authenticating and protecting essential oils!
Thank You For Coming!
Wholesale Membership
equates to 24% discount...
that's it you do not have to
sell the product.
50 PV= $50 in most situations per year will keep your membership active!!!
Linette Bolin
(815) 915-7744

Breathe in or use diffuser to:
Kill germs in the air
Open airways
Affect mood, including depression

Apply to localized area
From bottom of feet, enters blood stream within 30 seconds
Apply to head, feet, ears, chest and the back of the neck

Essential Oils assist the body in absorbing nutrients
Add to water, rice milk, or almond milk


Safety Guidelines for Essential Oil Use
Add a carrier oil when using essential oils on sensitive skin areas or when instructed to avoid irritation.

When using essential oils in the bath dilute with bath salts

If an essential oil feels hot or if you get it in your eye apply olive oil.

Do not use peppermint on children younger than 30 months.

Exposure to direct sunlight must be avoided for 24 hours
when using citrus oils or other photosensitive essential oils.

Essential Oil Desk Reference by Science Publishing is a good reference to obtain instructions on how and when to use an oil.

Benefits of Essential Oils
Essential oils support the body to come back into balance without harmful side effects.

Essential oils can immediately penetrate the skin and cell membranes.

Essential oils improve oxygenation by 21%.

Essential oils are high in antioxidants.

Essential oils provide a hostile environment for bacterial, viruses, cancer, fungus, and parasites.

Over 60 different oils have shown anti cancer activity.
Sandlewood 98.1 % cell inhibition against breast cancer.

Essential Rewards

Minimum 50 PV monthly order
Discounted shipping and handling charges
1-6 months 10% credit 7-12 months 15% credit
13 months on 20% credit
Exclusive bonuses

Three Risk Factors That Deteriorates Our Health!!!

Cumulative effect of toxins in our environment, food, water, home/work place via cleaning products and personal care items.
Pharmaceuticals: prescription and over the counter
Nutritional deficiencies: due to additives that preserve our foods, antibiotics and steroids in our food source, lack of nutrients in our land, and our addition to fast food/processed foods.
This presentation is for information only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat. Individuals must make their own decisions and/or consult with their health care provider. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.
Pay full price
What are Essential Oils?
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