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Francisco Leonor Simões

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Executive summary Situation Problems Estratégia de Comunicação e de Meios - Lourinhã "Brincar com o tempo" Museu da Lourinhã Grand
parents Grand-children Concept - playing with time "Traga o seu dinossauro" Communication mix Actions Marketing Objectives Target group Ages - Schools Dress the kids Redecorate the museum Increase awarness
More visitors: Achieve 150.000 visitors
Increase loyalty among schools
Increase partnerships
Create a more modern image – new logo 5 > 14 90 km distance Paleontologic part:
- Finding the dinossaur bone and identifying it
-Finding the dinosaur footprints
-Show short clips of dinossaurs
-Better environment – painting, redecoration
-Jungle sounds in the museum
-Play dinossaur games

Etnographic part:
-Dress the kids like the old days. Take pictures
-Bake bread with the kids in the oven Track the dinossaur Situation
Museu da Lourinhã
Marketing objectives
Target groups
Communication mix
Flowchart New Media
Public relations
Local news paper
Bus advertising
Tone of the comunication Don't work anymore
Want to spend well their last times
Love their grandchildren
Interested in history They love dinossaurs
Like to play with grandparents
Very often left with the elder ones
Like different holiday programs 60 km away from Lisbon
In the center of the village
In an area with 25 000 inhabitants
Has great arqueology etnographic and paleontologic value
Major collection of Superior Jurassic fossils in Iberic Peninsula
Unic dinassaurs
One of the major etnographic collections nationally According to state budget: ministry of culture lower budget 2013

The European Commission forecasting the country's GDP per capita at 51.7 percent in 2014, the lowest level recorded since 1997 when it stood at 50.8 percent
Proposal for tax increases on income
Amount of museum increased in 2010-2011: 616-630 museums.
- Amount of visitors decreased in 2010-2011 from 97,5 thousand to 96,5 thousand. Thank you for your attention Weak positioning
Lack of innovation
No connection between concepts
Limitations Website Facebook Local newspaper Vouchers Actions objectives To Like To Know To act - Information and vouchers in restaurants, hotels, … in the neighbourhood
- Add more direction boards in Lourinhã

• Website, Facebook,
• Partnerships with primary schools
• Back window of the bus advertising
• Local news paper
Closing the museum -Interaction in the museum:
•Time machine
•Changing clothes: taking pictures
•Working with old machines
•Baking bread on the old way in the oven of the museum

-Redecoration of museum:
•Change atmosphere: painting
•Jungle sounds in the museum
•Show movies of dinosaurs in the museum - Lost dinasaur eggs at night → Find the eggs and bring them to the museum than you have one free entrance
- Dino footprints placed in lourinha
- Zebra stripes / crosswalk with footprints
- Traffic lights with dinosaur sticker
- Enough signs to find the museum Zebra stripes - Dinossaur tracks Flowchart Close the museum
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