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The Great Gatsby: Chapter 4

No description

Jordan Vanvoorhis

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 The Great Gatsby Nick list everyone who is at Gatsby's party. Tea with Jordan 1. Rumors about Gatsby 4. Nick's Thoughts about Gatsby 5. Daisy Revealed 4. Meyer Wolfsheim 6. Gatsby Wanting Daisy to See His House While having tea with Nick, Jordan tells him about how she met Daisy. She also tells the story about Gatsby and Daisy's past. Jordan tells Nick about the letter Daisy had the night of her bridal shower and her meltdown. Jordan throws out the idea that maybe Daisy never married for love at all. This explains why Gatsby throws big parties and why he wants to befriend Nick. ~ Bootlegger
~ Oxford Man
~ Army
~ how he came to wealth
~ Killed a man In the story, Meyer Wolfsheim plays the role of an old friend of Gatsby. He has past of being a gambler a doing things that are frowned upon by society. This opens the question to why is Gatsby friends with him. Wolfsheim, who is jewish, is portrayed to have a big nose that Nick notices during the conversation they have. This shows that Fitzgerald could have been stereotypical when it came to certain groups of people. He also makes Meyer Wolfsheim a gambler and a "bad" sounding guy which opens questions to if he may have thought badly of Jewish people. Jordan's story of Daisy revels that Daisy didn't marry Tom because she loved him, but because he had money. She tells that Daisy was truly in love with a man who joined the army. She said there was a time when Daisy was truly happy and in love. When he left, he was gone for too long and Daisy personally needed to move on with her life. So she did and ended up marrying Tom Buchanan. Gatsby wants Daisy to see his house because he got it for her and he wants her to know that he is very wealthy now. He wants her to see how successful he become in life. This will ensure Daisy that if she leaves Tom then she will have just as much, if not more. Gatsby believes that by showing her this she will feel safe leaving Tom and coming back to him like they used to be. Gatsby tells Nick about his past on their way to lunch. 2. Fitzgerald use of Guest List Nick kisses Jordan. 3. Gatsby's Life 7. "There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired." All of whom were wealthy and well known people. Most of which had either died in a strange way or were arrested the next day. The list describes the type of people that attend Gatsby's parties. At first Nick doesn't know whether to believe him or not, but the look on Gatsby's face convinces him. Also Gatsby shows Nick a picture and a medal to prove his story. The story clears up a lot of suspicion about Gatsby. Most importantly, it helps to form trust between Nick and Gatsby. Mr. Wolfshiem While at lunch Nick meets one of Gatsby's friends named Mr. Wolfshiem, who is a big gambler. One thing Mr. Wolfshiem tells Nick is that his cuffs are made of human molars. After lunch Gatsby and Nick run into Tom. Gatsby gets embarrassed and disappears. Lunch shows what kind of people Gatsby is friends with and that he has something against Tom. At the beginning of the chapter, Nick names a list of people that attended Gatsby's parties and what area they came from. By doing this, you learn more about what has happened to some people that have come and gone from the parties. It raises suspicion to Nick of why some of the people that had gone had later committed suicide or were in some sort of accident. This makes the reader question why these events happened and what ties they have to Gatsby's parties. Gatsby tells Nick of his past life to clear up any thoughts Nick may have about him hiding anything. He wants Nick to think he is a good open person, so eventually Nick will help him meet up with Daisy. This is Gatsby's intention in the long run, for Nick to help him accidentally run into Daisy so they may speak. At first Nick does not really believe what Gatsby tells him because of the way he delivers his words. As Gatsby shows the picture and medal, he is lenient towards the idea that he is telling the truth. Although Gatsby may be telling the truth, he is most likely leaving out certain details so Nick will agree with helping him. While driving through central park with Jordan, Nick quits thinking about Daisy and Gatsby. He then In saying this quote, Nick means that you are either busy trying to do something in life or have tried your best and are now tired or done. The characters in the novel all fit into this quote because they are all either one or the other extremes. Some of them are striving to better themselves or achieve something to make them happy. While at the same time, others are just kind of going with the flow of whats going on. begins to think about Jordan. Nick thinks about how Tom and Gatsby both have girls haunting them. He realizes he doesn't , so he pulls Jordan in close and kisses her. This establishes a more intimate relationship between Nick and Jordan. by: Jordan Van Voorhis & Kate Cole
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