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Artificial Organs Biotech II Presentation

No description

Stella Sung

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Artificial Organs Biotech II Presentation

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start What's the big deal? Successfully Grow Artificial Organs More Organs available to those who need a transplant.

Less chance of organ rejection due to using own body cells

Less Use of Immunosupressive drugs

Higher success rate Artificial Organs Stella Sung
Zhana Smith There's a shortage of organ donations/ It takes a long time to get an organ donation. What's an Artificial Organ? Human scale cadaver organ has yet to be created or used successfully

Biosynthetic material are unable to grow certain types of cells

Find an effective scaffolding to be able to produce organs using patient's own cells

Create scaffolding able to produce different layers of cell types and tissue in a complex organ Organ transplants are crucial to patients whose own organs are failing. What is an Organ? heart kidney liver Types of Organ Rejection Hyperacute Occurs as soon as the donated organ is in the body Acute Occurs at least a few days
after transplant Chronic Very gradual rejection, lasting months or years man-made

has been around as early as 1885

Started off composed of all synthetic material now composed mostly of biosynthetic material. So...how do you make organs? Well, there are a couple different methods... Growing Organs/Limbs on Living Animals 3:53-5:02 SCAFFOLDING!?!?! Allows optimal cell growth

Provides the least interference when organ is inserted into a human body

can be used to create a complex organ Cadaver Organs Synthetic Rubber What are we trying to do? Engineer a proper biorubber scaffolding. Use natural biosyntheic material if all else fails we'll use 3d printing to print out organs Adelaide Centre. (2013). Organ and Tissue Donation. Retrieved from Adelaide Centre for Bioethics and Culture: http://www.bioethics.org.au/Resources/Resource%20Topics/Organ%20Donation.html
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