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15 Facts: Romeo & Juliet

By: Kylie and Claire

Kylie Cook

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of 15 Facts: Romeo & Juliet

15 Facts: Romeo & Juliet #1 The original play was believed to be written between 1591 and 1595. #2 Juliet is only 13 at the time she meets and marries Romeo, but we never learn exactly how old he is. #3 #5 #6 #7 #4 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”- Juliet: one of the most famous quotes Romeo & Juliet is thought to be Shakespeare’s tenth play. Shakespeare was inspired to write "Romeo & Juliet" after he saw the Italian tale, 'The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet’ by Arthur Brook. The Capulet's and the Montague's were sworn enemies. Juliet is the only daughter of the Capulet's. Romeo is the only son of the Montague's. Romeo killed some relatives of Juliet. Work Cited Bradley, Kath. Romeo and Juliet. 16 January 203 <http://www.rsc.org.uk/explore/romeo-and-juliet/did-you-know.aspx>.
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Veloso, Bryan. Where did Shakespeare get the idea for Romeo and Juliet? 16 January 2013 <http://aliais10.wordpress.com/2010/04/18/research-question/>.
Versions of Romeo & Juliet Throughout History. 16 January 2013 <http://historical-fiction.com/versions-of-romeo-juliet-throughout-history/>. 'The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet' Romeo and Juliet was also retold by William Painter and was called ‘Palace of Pleasure’ in 1582. Juliet is just shy of her fourteenth birthday, when she dies. The play takes place in Early to Mid July. In the original play Juliet was most likely played by a man, since women were not allowed to act. Romeo & Juliet falls under the Tragic Drama genre.
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