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The Iroquois

No description

Panda Dancer

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of The Iroquois

The Iroquois
Decisions of the Government
The Mothers of the Nation could be involved in Making Decisions of the Government.

The Issues the Government Might Decide would be Declaring War, Making Peace,Run Affairs of Conquered Tribes, and Organize the Observance of Religious Festivals.
Strengths and Limitations
Some Strengths of the Iroquois Government are they are able to Declare War, Make Peace, and Negotiate Treaties.

Some Limitations of the Government are that the Interpretation became influential, but that while the Grand Council served an Important Ceremonial role, it was not a Government in the sense.
Thanks for Watching!
The Government
The Iroquois has a Democratic Government.

The Government Developed when Two Men named Deganawidah and Hyantwatha United the Tribes with a Message of Peace.

The Iroquois Government is Powerful and Religious.
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