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Delux' Reader

No description

Benjelloun Omar

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Delux' Reader

Loukili Khalil & Delisle Martin
CEO and Managing Director
Saint-Martin Jeremy
Human resources
Laur Morgane
Production Director
-Higher wages + R&Q budget -> better quality
-Survey on customers : good mark
-63 workers per year hired
-Only 10 resignations over the 5 years (3%)
-0 strikes

-Objective: wages 10% better than the average
-Only 1.3% Extra Hours over the 5 years
Seillan Gaspard
Marketing Director
Sale Forces
Benjelloun Omar &
Des Boscs P.Emmanuel
Co-Financial Directors
-Commissions above the average since the second year
-Adapted to the sale price

Aim : the best product
 Higher wages + training
 Employees motivated
-> Satisfying yield !

Production optimized :
-> save money + big production
-> At the end : low ending stocks
-> Good product
-> Acquire market shares
-> Increase the visibility of the brand

Selling Price
Cheap product : -> Low quality
-> Fair Price
I - Analysis and interpretations : Production

II - Analysis and interpretations : Human Resources

III - Analysis and interpretations : Marketing

IV - Analysis and interpretations : Finance

V - CEO's conclusion
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