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An Introduction to My Lesson

Introducing syllabus of reading class for 2nd grade students in GIMFL

Seunghoon Park

on 11 March 2012

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Transcript of An Introduction to My Lesson

The Introduction to the Lesson mail : yagatino@gmail.com
twitter : @yagatino
blog : http://yagatino.tistory.com How long could we have? What is this class mainly about? Objectives? Buy books? Test? Help me! Archiving & Sharing Less than weeks professional skill and view points : apply proper startegies to read a given text
thinking and problem solving : explain what you read
factual knowledge : learn the abcs of 'Language'
communication skill : talk and write what they think
self-reliance, self-discipline : be more responsible for your behavior
use essential webtools to work with others and archieve your works http://zenhabits.net/start/ Performance tests Wordia(speaking)
Levitation(writing) Webtools? What do you want to read with the class? evernote
review journal
blogging : http://reading-for-gimfl.posterous.com What goes into Evernote? lesson materials
review journals
blackboard photos
students' works(writing, speaking, video, pictures) interested in blogging or webtools?
enjoying taking pictures and editing them?
want to do INTERESTING things?
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