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Love is all you need - I am Sam

No description

Rosemary Jose

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Love is all you need - I am Sam

Love is all you need I am Sam Is love all you need? Our Love Song Song of choice Family Love (Storge) Loves Unites & Inspires God's Love Storage Love Hetaireia - Philia Love Agape Love Love in the Movie The movie I Am Sam mainly shows the love Sam Dawson has for his daughter, Lucy. He has loved her from the day she was born and wishes to raise her and watch her grow up. Lucy returns this love for her father. Times do get difficult due his child-like intelligence but she cannot stand being separated from him and their little family survives. Randy is looking to adopt in order to start her own family. She adores Lucy and is willing to treat her as if she was her own child. However she sacrifices her chance to adopt for Sam as she realizes that Sam's love for Lucy is greater than her own. In the movie, there is a love that seems to evolve from a love you have for a companion to a love you possess for a friend. In the beginning the lawyer Rita Harrison only viewed Sam as her client and had no emotional feelings for him. As they movie progresses, they get to know each other and develop a love friends have for each other. Rita even says that Sam has changed her life. Love, especially our desire for God’s love, sometimes feels like an emptiness within us. We often try, unsuccessfully, to fill in this desire for God’s love with technology and materialistic things. However, only love can fill this emptiness within us and make us complete. Love wishes for the best. Love gives without holding back and does not require a thank you card. When something is done out of love, we feel joy and happiness. Around the world, many social problems like hunger, violence and poverty can be solved when we all learn to love one another. If we love, then we will do all in our power to protect the people we love from pain or hurt. Love is important because it brings people to together, to unite. Love stays with you even when you're defeated, only to make you stronger to try again instead of being being disheartened. Without love, you can survive but with love, you can learn how to live. In addition, love inspires us to do amazing things like Shah Jahan’s construction of the Taj Mahal for his wife. Therefore, love is essential in today’s cold technological era to create compassionate and empathetic human beings who love others unconditionally. 93 Million Miles
By Jason Mraz In this song, Jason Mraz also mentions : "Wherever you go, you can always come back home." This represents how his parents always welcome him home with open arms when he needs encouragement or a push in the right direction. It portrays the true meaning of family love (storge).
His mother tells him, "Son, in life you're gonna go far, and if you do it right you'll love where you are". This expresses the mother’s love for her son and her desire for him to be happy in life His father shares: "Son, sometimes it may seem dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part". The father cares for his son very much because he knows that life can be full of obstacles but it's an essential part of life. Love Love LOVE Love LOVE
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