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Mission Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city of 7 million people and only a fraction of them know Jesus. We want to fix that.

Scotte Hansen

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Mission Hong Kong

That tiny place is Hong Kong.

It's about 7000 miles away from our church. mission possibilities photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli mission hong kong works in a bunch of different programs.

Student Leadership
Teaching English
Embedded Missionaries VBS Mission Trip 2013
High school students teach VBS in 6 elementary schools for 1 week while building relationships with the children and students they come in contact with.
This happens in July of each summer and is one of our best opportunities in Hong Kong. This trip is for those entering the 9th grade through graduating seniors.
You will be impacted by this trip and you will be an impact on this trip mission hong kong
has a trip for you... are you thinking God has a bigger challenge in store for you? we are looking for people to live and work in hong kong china for up to one year. during this time you will be teaching in a few of the local churches and schools, all the while building relationships and telling them about Jesus along the way. spend a year as an embedded missionary teresa marlo mark connecting families with Hong Kong is vital and we encourage them to serve together with our partner churches and schools in Hong Kong. go on a mission trip
with your entire family mom dad sister sister www.missionhongkong.org There are about 7 million people
that live in this city. Yep.

That is the Batman building....

but that isn't why we are talking. Only a tiny fraction of people here know
about Jesus Christ.

We want to change that.

This is where you come in. Vacation Bible School student leadership we are looking for
world changers cool clip-art airplane! support a missionary financially 100% of money donated goes directly to support the missionary of your choice.

0% goes to support administrative fees we don't want to be a "christian tourism" guide service. If you want to bring your whole group... awesome.

like what you see but want to organize and go here yourself? awesome.

you go once with one of our people and learn the ropes...then you go on your own. get your church or
youth group involved. Don't wait for someone else.

Your will change the

Go from to

Turn this into this

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