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Cookie Monster

No description

Josephine O'Brien

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Cookie Monster

Privacy and Ethics Cookie Monster? Recommendations What should companies consider when implementing the Directive?

Cookie Audit
Customers Privacy
Ethics and Trust Privacy Cookies and Advertising
More funding for the Irish
Data Protection Commission

Better Awareness of Privacy Enhancing
Technologies PETs

Greater emphasis on Ethics as a relevant
subject on courses Ireland;
long lead in,
few guidelines UK,
Specific guidelines,
Strict time-frame, Take One Popular Irish Website Where is the Cookie Policy? Main third party cookies on the site Analytics Cookies Zombie Cookies Flash cookies Persistent Internet cookies Session Internet Cookies Third Party Cookies First Party Cookies Company CUSTOMISED message to user Sells PROFILE Creates PROFILE
Advertising Agency e.g. “Double Click” Advertising Agency
e.g. 'Double Click' Get Data; which Post Data; who Click stream Data; what Prominent display of cookie policy in the UK At the bottom of the page with the privacy policy No obvious mention of cookies A cookie Audit will uncover the types of cookies present on your site “Ethics have come to the top of the business agenda because the risks associated with inappropriate behavior have increased both in the likelihood and their potential negative impact on the organization” (Reynolds, 2003:5). Ethics and Trust Trust is of central importance to e-commerce transactions Privacy is one of the top ethical concerns when dealing
with IS. Privacy includes both the right to have personal information guarded from misuse and the right to be left alone
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