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How does music connect us

No description

Nadine Al-jabouri

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of How does music connect us

How My family and I enjoy Music together
how my friends and I enjoy music together
My community and me
Katy Perry, One direction, taylor swift
My family and I enjoy doing many things together, Arabic music connects us to our culture, it reminds us of events that have happened in the past and people that we miss. For example: when I hear the nursery "Twinkle Twinkle little star" , it reminds me of when my grandmother used to sing it to me before I go to bed when I was small, Also the national anthem of Jordan reminds me of when I used to live in jordan with my family and what we used to do together. And when there was the show arabs got talent on T.V everyone in our family sat together every week to watch and cheer for the contestant from our country. We as a family love to listen when we hear such emotional music. I also love to listen and dance to music with my sisters Nujud, and Noor because I think that listening and dancing to music makes my sisters and I happier ,and it is a fun way to spend our time together. So in the end my family and I enjoy listening and dancing to music together, and we think that music can be emotional and is a good way to express our feelings.
Music definitely affects the life styles of people in many different ways, it brings people to talk, act, and communicate.In my community different people have different tastes, for example: the adults listen to old traditional music, most of the youth listen to pop,rock and rap music and the little ones listen to children songs. further more, various types of music may impact differently on people, it can be relaxing, angering. soothing, energizing, and many more.
In the end I think that music, is a nice way to enjoy and have fun with our community and friends, for example: when a well known singer from back home has a concert everyone feels the beat and naturally move to it. It is a bridge between our feelings and the rest of the world, it says what can't be said, grows beyond imagination and creates new musical memory.
How does music connect us
Music connects friends in many different ways, we are fans to the same musicians and same songs in addition we enjoy listening and dancing to popular music. For example:
At my gymnastics club there is a radio and it plays different kinds of music , so my friends and I start to sing while doing our routines because it makes it easier for us to move and exercise together.It is also the same at school during art my friends and I think that our art looks better when we listen to music because we concentrate better when we hear the music playing.
As well as for playing our instruments, it is easier for us to learn how to play new notes together because we both have different talents figuring out what we are playing so that way we can share what we know together and it will also helps us play our instruments better.
We are all different but when it comes to music its something else.
This is a video about a well know singer named Nancy Ajram singing to her daughter. I put this video so you can see how arabic music sounds like
These are well known arab singers my family enjoy listening to, the first lady on the left is an egyptian singer named asmahan she is from 70's, the man in the middle is an iraqian singer named kathem he is from the 80's, and the last lady on the right is a Lebanese singer named Najwa Karam she's from the 90's.
These are popular singers my friends and I like to listen to also my sisters and I listen to these artists songs
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