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Christopher colombus

No description

jacob marshall

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Christopher colombus

Location 1/ Spain
It took 6 years for Columbus to find someone to sponsor his voyage in till the King and queen of Spain
Location 3
Location 2
Lets start

the last
[not Exactly]
Where he really landed
San Salvador
Christopher Columbus
BY Jacob Marshall
COOL FACTS ABOUT Christopher Columbus
Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451
his dad's name was Domenico Colombo
his moms name was Susanna Fontanarossa
he had 3 siblings
2 brothers and 1 sister .
his 2 brothers names were Giovanni Pellegrino and Giacomo ( also called diego)
his sister's name was Bianchinetta
the dates for his voyges are
1st. April 1492
2end. September 24th, 1493
3rd. May 30th,1498
4th, MAY 12, 1502
He had 2 sons
There names were Diego and Ferdinand
in CA
Columbus sailed aboard the
Santa Maria, Pinta, and the Nina
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