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The Last Thing I Remember

No description

Dennis Lee

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of The Last Thing I Remember

The Last Thing I Remember By Dennis Lee Plot Summary Character Description Protagonist Name : Charlie West
Age : 18.
Physical traits : tall, broad shoulders, blond/brown hair.
His memories : When he was 17.
Family member : Mother, Father and an older sister.
Hobbies : Karate, Dreaming of air force pilot Brief Description of "The Last Thing I Remember" Narrative Point of View : First Person perspective

First book of the series, 'The Homelanders'

Won the Edgar Award and the seris was praised by the famous thriller author Stephen King.

The fourth book is coming out this year August.

The time period switches back and forth from Charlie's present time to his memories Facts and Description Character Traits Character Changes Before and After His memories His present time Similar Traits from both time periods Character changes diagram/character profile Brave Determined Quick-desicion making Other Characters Alex Hauser - Charlie's former best friend, murdered by Charlie.

Beth Summers - School Vice President, Charlie's girlfriend.

Sensei Mike - Master of karate dojo which Charlie goes to. Also Charlie's mentor, gives him life lessons.

Detective Rose - Detective who chased down Charlie for 3 months since he escaped. Prudent Hard - Working Caring Stands up for his opinions Patriotic Plot/Character Changes The Introduction Rising Actions Climax Proofs from the text His memories Similar traits His present time Intelligent Friendly Confused of reality Hard working/Intelligent Obedient to society as a student Charlie is a smart student in school, he works hard. He was notified as an excellent student, and had a great grade average before he committed murder
(Chapter 2 pg 6-7) (Chapter 23, pg 241 "I know.... brains in you." by Detective Rose) Friendly Caring Obedient to society (student) Brave Intelligent Standing up for his opinions (confident) Patriotic Prudent Determined Quick decision making Confused He has good friends at school, he's friendly to them, and he earns fame from his karate demonstration. He communicated with his friends in and out of school, and when he was running away, Charlie thought of calling his friends to get help.
(Chapter 2 pg 7-11)(Chapter 9, pg 81-83) (Chp. 25 p268 I thought... calling one of my friends - Josh or Miller or Rick." On the whole Chapter 15, (p148-151), Charlie's caring for his good friend Alex can be noticed here, by the way he talks, trying to calm down Alex. He then thinks, what to say next to calm him down and help Alex understand. His obedience as a student shows in Alex's arguement in Chapter 15, pg152, "Work hard... everything'll be great.", "Everything is so straight and narrow for you." Shows that he is obedient and responsible. And to the fact that he is a great student. Charlie's brave actions could be found in many sections throughout the book. Listing a few, escaping from the compound(Chapter 6,8,10), Escaping from Detective Rose ( Chapter 23), and fighting Orton, risking his life to do so (Chapter 30) Book Written by Charlie was known as a very good student, doing great in school, and he used his intelligence to escape from the compunds.(Chapter 10 pg96, "I was about to.. my pocket.") Shows that he was keen, and intelligent enough to predict the future. Chapter 9, pg 76 shows that he stands up for his opinions. "I challenged him.... his class." shows that he shows his strong opinion to anyone, even someone like his teacher. Patriotic is one of the main traits of Charlie. He argued with his teacher to stand up for America.(pg 76-77). Alex also points out Charlie's patriotic behaviours(Chp.15, pg152) "Work hard, pray...great.", and when Orton explains the goal of The Homelanders, and explains that Charlie is part of the Homelanders, (Chp30, pg326) quote "You're lying... you're a liar." shows that Charlie is a strong patriot of America. Continue to Next Sequel Plot Description Charlie always thinks before he does an action. As his adventure is extremely risky, he is always concious in his mind of what could happen to him if he does certain actions. (Chp 10, p96)"I grabbed the keys... would have to chase me on foot." and quote (Chp"I noticed the keychain... come in handy too.") Charlie is confused for many reasons. Firstly, why he woke up in a terrorist compound, why he has killed his best friend, and why he is a part of the Homelanders. (Chp19 p203, "Everything was happening so fast... what was going on."), (Chp 19, pp206-207, "Why should I go to prison? Murder, what do you mean?") As he is beign chased from As Charlie is running away from both police and terrorists, he is forced to make quick decisions for his path. As he gets more used to his decisions, he trusts in himself more and becomes more confident. (Chp 12, p116 I slid... into the sinkhole.") (Chp 23, pp 249-250 "I caught a glimpse... keys in the ignition. I grabbed the car key... on the gas.") Charlie develops his self-confidence, and grows more faith in himself. He has contorl over himself, and with Jane's help, he plans to stop Orton from assassinating Yarrow. (Chp 28, p306 "Reading the map... If I could get over.. stop it before it reached the bridge.") Plot Progression Breakdown Timeline of the Plot Chapters Chapters 1 - 19 From chapters 1 to 19, the author explains the very beginning of Charlie's adventure; when he wakes up in a strange place, bruised and beaten up, succeeds to break out from the gunmans. He then wonders off in the woods, goes into an underground sinkhole, then finds himself a way out. He gets help from the woman to contact his parents, and get raided by police and realizes he has forgotten a year and charged of killing Alex Hauser. Chapters 19 - 29 In the rising actions, Charlie tries to find out what happened to him, since he lost everything; his assumptions, his identity, and his memories. He escapes from Detective Rose by the help of a mysterious man, who told Charlie to find 'Waterman' who knows about Charlie's past. By putting all the things he heard from the terrorists, he figures out that there is going to be an assassination targetting Yarrow, secretary of the Security Department. Charlie also decides to save Richard Yarrow. After wandering in the streets, Charlie saves a woman, Crazy Jane, from a thug. Being thankful to Charlie, she helps Charlie earn money to go to the assassination site. Charlie gets to the site, and spots Orton, on the bridge preparing to activate the bomb. Chapter - End of 29 to 30. Charlie looks over the bridge, and tries to plan a way to stop Orton from killing Yarrow. Then, he spots Orton on the bridge. Charlie runs to the bridge and fights with Orton. He asks what the Homelanders are, and their intentions. Orton tells him that the Homelanders are a group of Americans recruited by Islamics. They fight again, and Charlie activates the bomb before Yarrow got to the bridge. Orton tries to kill Charlie, but he gets shot by the police. The police suspects Charlie as well, and fires at Charlie. Chapter- 31 Charlie figures out that the police has mistaken him as a terrorist as well. He remembers the mysterious man's words 'Find Waterman.', and remembered everyone that supported him. Lastly, he remembers the quote 'Never give in.', then runs off to the woods. Introduction Rising Actions Climax Sequel Charlie wakes up in the bunker Charlie escapes from the compound Questions relating to the plot Charlie goes through the forest, the underground sinkhole and meets Mrs. Simmons Charlie gets arrested by the police at Mrs. Simmons' house, and the police tells him that Charlie had murdered Alex Charlie meets Detective Rose, and gets transferred to a local prison. A man helps Charlie escape (breaking the handcuff) and tells him to find a man named 'Waterman' Charlie escapes wanders in the city then meets Crazy Jane With Jane's help, Charlie leaves to Centerville, and spots Orton preparing to detonate the bomb on the bridge. Charlie fights Orton. Orton tells him about the intentions of Homelanders. Orton dies, and Charlie finds himself being fired at by the police Charlie realizes the police has mistaken him for a terrorist, he decides to run away. Any questions relating to the plot will be answered here. This was my ISU Presentation on the book "The Last Thing I Remember" by Andrew Klavan. Thank You!
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