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High School Class Prezi: BTECC

Summer Institute 2013

Brittany Harmon

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of High School Class Prezi: BTECC

Business Technology and English Career Camp 2013

Resume Building
*learning professional terms
*describing self and experience
*practice resume writing
*peer and professional editing
Interview Skills
*learning about interview "to do's" and "not to do's"
*how to dress for an interview
*how to talk about yourself
*mock interviews
Goal Setting
*thinking about the future
*setting big personal goals
*talking about college and job success
Job Skills
*how to apply for a job
*qualifications for a job
*dress to impress
*respect and professionalism
Language Skills
*about twenty languages spoken among the high school students at BTECC this year
*talked about how to market your language skills for the future
*researching Spokane colleges
*college project presentations
*college campus scavenger hunt
*Skills Center field trip
BTECC: a high school program for success
The focus of BTECC is to prepare students for a successful future, through:
*Resume Building
*Interview Skills Training
*Goal Setting
*Job & Language Skills Training
and, College Planning
students playing a professional terms game
students playing a teamwork skills game
High School Language Camp Teachers
Mrs. C
Ms. Katherine
Mr. Luis
Ms. Britt
Thank you for watching our Prezi presentation!
please stay seated for the Language Camp 2013 slide show...
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