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Change Agents

ResLife Training on becoming a change agent

Ammon Torres

on 12 March 2017

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Transcript of Change Agents

Sometimes we don't like where we are. And we feel the need to do less We cut Corners We Put ourselves First ? So What can we do? We first need to look at ourselves and make some real positive changes. Change can be difficult sometimes but... Positive change is always an amazing experience! Think Care and Act It's about... people, relationships, and connections. It's about happily giving a hand even when it's convenient not Let's complain Less & Smile more It's time to send a message One of
Purpose of commitment and respect Let's put in that extra effort Tonight And still show up a little early tomorrow Remember The Small Things Can have the BIGGEST impact Make Every Moment Count! Respect Others And they'll respect you As leaders We are Defined By the way we embrace The opportunities we have to serve And make Positive change In the areas Around US So whether you like it or not, you ARE a leader For better or for worse So what will you do with this leadership? Maybe we can take a tip from this guy... But honestly A little corny? You have got to want this. You can't fake it. We don't want you to end up like this guy... We just hope that maybe you could try and learn a little something from somebody like this guy... Thank You Special thanks to the Smile and move and change agents field guide resources found @ www.givemore.com, www.smileandmove.com, and www.slideshare.net/bhazzard/field-guide-for-change-agents. In other words... If you want to see positive change you need to make that change first. So where do we start? Accepts the need for change will censor oneself while in public groups but will not actively try to make any lasting changes.
Small change initiatives but no clear direction. Level I The Five Levels of Change Agentry Level II Defines and initiates change,communicates and defends the need for change throughout the organization, creates an open and receptive environment
changes oneself and starts thinking about changing others Level III Leads change, translates personal vision into the context of a specific change initiatives and bring this message to those around them
Stops taking starts walking Level IV Manages complex change, understands the cultural dynamic of a communities current state, and creates a strategic practical course.
Begins to generate real positive change Level V Champions change, challenges the status quo by comparing it to an ideal or a vision of change, supports dramatic actions and change efforts, transforms the world around them
Has the ability to Revolutionize organizations, and communities But How? Sometimes It is simply a matter of effective communication So let's see some of your skills....
What would you do? One last thing...
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