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Procter and Gamble

No description

Ashley Beresid

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Procter and Gamble

Components of Branding
What is Branding?
-Gives the consumer expectations of the product

-Differentiates products from competitors

-Represents perception of a company

-Group of images and experiences that are left with the consumer
Who are Procter and Gamble?
5 Core Strengths
1. Consumer Understanding

2. Innovation

3. Scale

4. Brand Building

5. Go-To Market Capabilities
P&G Branding
- 50 P&G Brands are top household names
-Brand Building leader of its industry
-25 Brands generate over 1 Billion dollars/year
-Operates under the House of Brands
-"Brand Management"
Procter and Gamble
Branding and Diversification
Ashley Beresid - Steve Bezick - Nolan Young
How Does P&G use Diversification
-Originally it was not a diverse company

-Limited diversification

-Specialized in soap and candles
What is Diversification?
Corporate strategy to increase sales volume from new products and new markets

How does P&G use Diversification?
-Procter and Gamble began to enter into new markets and sell different products

-Diversified into 3 segments from 5 units
1. Beauty and Grooming
2. Health and well-being
3. Household care (fabric, home, baby, family care)
5 Business Units

1. Beauty (24% net sales)
2. Gooming (9% net sales)
3. Health Care (15% net sales)
4. Fabric and Home Care (32% net sales)
5. Baby and Family Care (20% net sales)
-Market products in 180 countries
-Serve 4.8 Billion people on the planet
-84 Billion dollars in sales
-126,000 employees
3 Types:
1. Concentric
2. Horizontal
3. Conglomerate
"Brands with strong equities in the minds of consumers.
Brands that retailers want in their stores.
Brands that are platforms for innovation."
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