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Organisation Structure

No description

roza majeed

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Organisation Structure

Organization Structure

Organization Structure
Activity 1
Activity 4
Multidivisional (M-form) structures
The Concept And Variables Of The Organization Structure
Matrix Structure
Multifunctional (U-FORMS) Structure
What is Organization Structure
A traditional view of organization structure is that it describes the way an organization is configured into work groups and the reporting and authority relationships that connect individuals and groups together.

The Concept And Variables Of The Organization Structure
Decision making autonomy is held by the center of middle managers.


The differentiation is the process by which an organization allocates people and resources to organizational tasks this establishes the task and authority relationships that allow the organization to achieve its goals.


The extent to which work roles are structured in an organization, and the activities of the employees are governed by rules and procedures.

What is matrix structure?

Types of Matrix Structure
Permanent structure

Q1. One of the Matrix Strengths, and provide the opportunity for team members to work with each other (a word with 12 letters, starts with C)

Q2. One of the Matrix Types, where independencies, market units and people in the organization shift frequently (2 word)

Efficient structure ( M-form)

- control over the tasks
- Flexible
- level of divisional workers
- focus on a specific area of business

Activity 3
Each group will try to put each ball with the matching hole color by thinking strategically and having a quick wise decision
Activity 2
Advantages of U-form
Functional Structure –Consists of
chief executive officer and limited corporate staff, with functional line managers in dominant organizational areas such as production, accounting, marketing, R&D, engineering, and human resources.

Drucker, 1975
Disadvantages of U-form
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Employee are participate in take a decisions

Specialization (routine specialization)

Refer to the extent to which employees engaged in similar or closely related tasks are grouped together.

Span of control
The number of subordinates that a manager or supervisor can directly control.



Shifting structure

Why divisions are created

- pose significant challenges
- cost factor
- duplication of functions
- Maintain communication among divisions

Done by:
Rawdha AL Muhairi h00019284
Shaikha Hadef h00010313
Alanoud Humaid 200123845
Houriya Abdulla h00125861


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What is Organization structure
Multifunctional ( U-form )
Multidivisional ( M-form )
Matrix Structure
Key features of (U-Forms ) Structure :
Specialization with functional lines, such as research and development of the production

For e.g.
: The General Motors (US car Manufacture )

When organization started looking for the alternative structures :

Challenges of the U-Form Structure
levels of professional
of scale in monitoring.
decision-making is centralized in one “peak” person
optimization in functional areas.
path in the functional area.
competencies highly developed.

handle the complexity of multiple activities well
Sub goal
pursuit problems can become acute
of objective measures of performance
concerns can divert attention from strategic/competitive/entrepreneurial issues

- Achieving meaningful cross functional
- Communication
- Responding to the market needs
- Insuring actions in one area benefit the whole enterprise
- Getting the employees to see the big picture

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