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I funny by:trentyn

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of I funny by:trentyn

Charter traits
Jamie:funny.Jamie was giving good jokes and he likes to be funny.
The problem/solved
The problem in this story is about Jamie try to quit being funny in this story. Then he trys again being funny and be on stage.
How did the main charter change
the setting
This setting is at New York city with a foster home. At the end he will be at smileyvill at the hospital.
What do i think if the story continued.
My rate of this book is a 4 stars because his mom and dad died at the end. Mostly I like of this book is the setting of this story.
The them of the story
The them of this story is about try to not lose your dream. Try to not be shy and stand up for your dream.
I funny by:Trentyn
Main story
The main story is about Jamie try to be in a funny kid contest but, he has stage fright.
Aunt smily:funny and smily. She does funny jokes to like jamie.

Jamie's mom and dad:serious.They don't like being funny in this book.
Cool girl: fun-loving.The love jamie in this story and she be nice.
Jamie change by stopping being funny. Then he decided to be funny and go on stage.

I predict that it is talking about someone wants to challenge to a funny conntest.Then Jamie lost and try to do another conntest.
What did the authrer learned.
I predict that he think to do your dreams and he to stand up to do your dream.
my rate of this book
* * * *
Today I am telling you about i funny. it will blow your mines. this book will make you be funny.They will make you laugh.
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