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Rise Of The Roman Republic

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jason morreo

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Rise Of The Roman Republic



The Etruscan King
Etruscan Improvements
plebeian soldiers went on strike because they refused to serve until they received a voice in government

the top officials of the plebeian assembly were called tribunes

Formation Of the Republic
The Romans grew tired of having a king because the king Tarquin was a harsh ruler.

His rules began to make people riot and lead a revolt in 509 b.c that's when they made a roman republic.

In the early Republic, two officials called consuls took over the jobs once done by the kings.

The Struggle Of The Orders
Rome used to be divided into two main groups called orders, patricians and plebeians.

patricians-upper class of Roman society


Rise Of The Roman Republic!
The people known as the Etruscans lived north of Latium.

Around 600 b.c, The Etruscans expanded into

An Etruscan leader known as Tarquin the Elder
gained control of Rome and became its king.The
throne was later passed to other Etruscan

Wealthy people of Rome supported the kings.
military tradition.

writing system.

improved city.

introduced the use of stone.

brought their gods and religious practices to Rome.

augury, used to predict the future and is now an important part of Roman culture.
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