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No description

Bryce C

on 30 June 2010

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Transcript of Surface

Microsoft Surface Technology Curtis Floyd - MISM 3301.01 Presentation by: Bryce Caruthers What is Microsoft Surface? New computing platform Coffee table with a computer No input device but screen How it works 5 infrared cameras read the screen ("surface") Cameras read printed tags like barcodes Interacts with other electronics wirelessly Good field of view allows shorter tables More data taken in at a time Instant recognition of multiple objects Technological Aspects Timeline TouchPack Highly interactive WiFi and Bluetooth technologies Tags similar to barcodes Multi-touch Screen Shape recognition Placed on objects used on surface Unit recognizes how to interact Hands and gestures Tags Allows multiple users simultaneously Registers complex movements Stretching, moving, rotating, etc. 2001 2003 2004 2005 2007 2008 Today and Future Steven Bathiche and Andy Wilson brainstorm First Prototype Name "Surface Computing" given to the team Over 85 prototypes designed Software developed, focus turned to physical form First unveiling of Surface in its current form Surface becomes available for sale Concepts will be more widely used IKEA table with a hole cut in it Architectural vellum used as a diffuser Programs ported to touch screen computers to generate interest about Surface Touch Games Microsoft Blackboard Microsoft Garden Pond Microsoft Rebound Ported Surface Programs Microsoft Surface Lagoon Microsoft Surface Globe Microsoft Surface Collage Manipulate photos and save them as a desktop background http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en/US/touch-pack/touch-pack-collage.aspx Interactive water screensaver that is manipulated by touch and gestures http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en/US/touch-pack/touch-pack-lagoon.aspx http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en/US/touch-pack/touch-pack-globe.aspx Explore Earth in 2- or 3-D using Microsoft Bing Maps technology http://www.windows7update.com/MicrosoftRebound.html Control an orb with your fingertips to score on your opponent's goal. Create your own zen garden and guide origami creations along the tranquil pond http://www.windows7update.com/MicrosoftGardenPond.html Physics puzzle solving game that uses a blackboard-styled interface http://www.windows7update.com/MicrosoftBlackboard.html Patient Consultation Interviews ID card placed on screen Better facilitates learning difficult information Patients see their health record Doctors can send the patient information Informational Documents
Informational Videos
Medical History Upcoming Surgeries Cancer Information Doctor Chief Information Officer Project Manager How are you currently using Surface? What future projects would you like to see? Neurological Testing Adapted an existing test for use on Surface Results displayed in graphs for doctor interpretation Games for education and treatment of diseases
Education mixed with entertainment for rehab patients
Teach ABC's in new way to learning-disabled people
Adding peripherals for a virtual-reality experience What is your definition of Surface? What benefits of Surface do you see now and in the future? Do you see any problems with implementing Surface? “multi-touch technology but with infrared cameras that can read objects” Collaborative nature draws people in and encourages greater involvement Big and expensive, lacks portability
Fatigue after extended use Why are you implementing Surface in your company? “we are trying to create a culture of innovation. Surface presented an opportunity...” Are you planning any other uses for Surface? Not currently, but the project spawned other ideas Surface in Healthcare Conclusion Surface is a new technology that, upon further development and cost-reduction, will become a catalyst of monumental change in the technology industry. It allows interaction with users and encourages collaboration in unprecedented ways. Surface will become a big player in the technology field in the future.
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