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Matched by Ally Condie

No description

Sydney Willey

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Matched by Ally Condie

Book Talk by: Sydney W. Matched By: Ally Condie Matched
By: Ally Condie The End! Book Talk by: Sydney Willey Author: Ally Condie
Title: Matched
Genre: Science Fiction
AR Level: 4.8
Number of Pages: 366 General Information Cassia Maria Reyes-I like Cassia because she is all willing to help her friends. She is a loving character. She is always helping her friends. (Xander and Ky) Cassia is always doing stuff for Ky that she shouldn't do. Cassia is always being honest. Characters! I can make a Text to Text Connection with The Giver by: Lois Lowry because they don't pick their own spouses, and they are future tense which makes my book Science Fiction! Text to Text Connection! Thanks for being a great audience! :) Problem! Cassia Reyes gets Matched with her best friend Xander. Then Cassia gets in love with another boy, and that causes tons of trouble! The boy she falls in love with is the boy who she sees on her microcard besides Xander. This all happenend when she plugged it into the port. Setting! The Setting in Matched is in a utopian society in the Future! The place they live in is called The Society. The Society is the location of this book. What this book is about: This book is about a girl who gets Matched with her best friend, but then she falls in love with another boy. This causes a lot of trouble! What I'm Going to Read! This book is interesting because: Matched always keeps you on the edge of your seat, and you are always wondering what will happen next. Cassia is a very interesting character as you go along in the book. PAGE: 13
Chapter: 1 Characters! Xander Carrow- I like Xander because he is always trying to help Cassia. He is a loving character. Xander is Cassia's Match. Xander is always playing Games at the Game Center! Characters! Ky Markham- I don't like Ky because he is always trying to get Cassia to do things she shouldn't do. Ky is always playing at the Game Center with Xander. Ky is always giving advice. He is always making Cassia do things to risk his and her life. Ky is also always trying to get himself and Cassia in serious trouble. He gave Cassia his artifact, which is very sneaky. Other books by this author! Crossed (Matched Trilogy)
Reached (Matched Trilogy; Just Released)
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