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Research Services

Production Services

jim x

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Research Services

1.89 statute miles
1.65 nautical miles or simply - the 10,000 foot overview Research Services mainly in NYC office but we are going to focus on the Bala Team Research Services - Production Services is
headed by Gordon Rodgers

- Bala has approximately 10 people

- Focused on supporting SFG

- SFG - external facing - deals with Institutional
and Portfolio Managers
Analysts and Editors Analysts
SEC license Required
Cover specific fields
"Face" of SFG to the Manager/Brokerage
Personality driven
Hold summits, talk to companies, arrange meetings, visit factories, etc Editors
Receive Analyst research reports
Formalize the research reports for format, accuracy of data models, factual content, and spelling/grammar
Finalized reports go to Compliance
These records are kept for 3 years Workflow Process Overview

Analysts use the same template for their Research Reports
Auto Pop pulls in data to the template to auto populate the Report with current data
Analysts submits their finished report in to the system with the Research Workflow System Research Workflow System developed by the BRAID Team
Editors get an email saying a new Report is in the system
Editor takes ownership of the Report from the Research Workflow System and checks for accuracy, content, and factual then passes on to Compliance which leads us to SIG FACTS
Editorial Production starts at 7 am each weekday
Market Intel Groups gather the data
Research Production Editors use the Research Workflow System to compile the data and edit it
Goes out to 1700+ users by 8 am and SIG FACTS PLUS
similar to SIG FACTS but it is customized to the individual subscribers specs
for example if they are only interested in news about Apply and Microsoft then they get a version of SIG FACTS that contains ONLY news about those companies I see the gears moving but how does it make SIG $$$
Large Brokerage deals can go through SFG - commission
Fees - some companies will pay for Road Shows and face to face meetings
Votes - Brokerage houses and Portfolio managers divy up their research budgets in to votes and each vote is a % of the budget - if they liked SFG's research they will give us votes ???? any questions ????
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