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Kory Carlton

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of FSM

How serious are people about mock religions? Are there other mock religions? why do people mock religion? The glorious Flying Spaghetti Monster Key features Created on accident by the Prophet Bobby Henderson started as an open letter sent to the kansas borad of education The FSM is the creater of all we see and feel today Shows that the reason for global warming is due to the decreasing amount of Pirates The religion is only to be taught by someone wearing the religious garments. Full pirate regalia Comparison FSM is very similar to that of christianity because that the the religion it seems to be mocking It seems to share many ideas with humanism in that it such mockery that it seems atheism Christianity Humanism The entire idea of the FSM is to mock
intellient design. It goes over the top
with the idea that we can't have religion
in science. The idea isn't to convert people
to believe or not believe in something but
to keep science to things that are proveable. FSM borrows alot of its "teachings" from
Christianity. The idea of one supreme being
the creator of all and has placed things like
fossils on earth to test our faith. Answers The FSM has become frighteningly huge.
They avg. over 50,00 people visit the site daily.
It is estimated that there are over 15 million people
who have FSM views. I tried to find other mock religions
but there didnt seem to be anything
that held any real marit compare to
the vastly popular FSM. Although there
are things such as Russell's Teapot. It
shares many ideas with FSM. If one says
something is true whos job is it to prove
it true?
I found that for the most part people such
as the prophet Bobby Henderson are not
mocking religion out of hate or contempt for
it, they do this to prove a point. In this case that
religion should not be taught in a science class. Caution The following presentation will contain spelling, grammar, and puncuation errors. Procede at your own risk and do your best not to point out every error. Thank you and enjoy your ride. Soucces Souces I used 2 websites for all my info. The first
was wikipedia were I learned much of my info
and I then used the souces at the bottom of the
page that took me to the websites homepage.
I trust this site because it's the religions homepage.
They are sure to have all the FSM facts.
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