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The Power of Hyperlocal for VR

Desktop and mobile search queries contain information about places, very accurately. How vacation rentals managers can profit from this and make their properties noticeable in a local context? This presentation aims to give a part of the answer


on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of The Power of Hyperlocal for VR

The Power of Hyperlocal for VR
Part 1: Hyperlocal web searches evolution
Travel & Search Stats
Search Engine : a path to better understanding
What matters to people
Part 2: Hyperlocal context : where you should be ?

Platforms & Website you might already be using
Hyperlocal specialized platforms
The outsiders in Hyperlocal
Part 3: the perfect Hyperlocal VR example.
On site optimizations
Off site optimizations
Other leverage actions for Hyperlocal
Outro: what's next ?
What do you mean "Hyperlocal" ?
A webmarketing explanation attempt:
geographic area
content optimization
Building relevance,
local meaning
and context
Part 1: Hyperlocal web search evolution
The Shift: Think global >Think local
Travel & Search Stats
source : statcounter 2013
of mobile searches occur at home or at work.
leisure travelers
use search engines, what do they search first ?
95% : destinations
89% : Air
80% : Car
(Source: Google/Nielsen Mobile search moment Q4 2012)
Convenience who matters most to
business travelers
about lodging?
81% : price
80%: Most convenient Location
75% : Past Experience with Lodging Establishment
(Source:Traveler's Road to decision, Google and Ipsos Media CT, july 2012)
Mobile search is a growing trend
...where local search matter
Source : ourmobileplanet.com
Search engines skills
Knowledge graph
Search personnalization
A way to better understanding
Semantic Markups
Google attempts to give you the answer (instead of search results)
New algorithm : Google's Hummingbird
Pages history log
Search queries history log
Social signals (Google+)
Based on what you are
...And what you do
effective for all Google's users since 2009, more and more accurate
Semantic markups tags help search engines understand your content
Also Help
your content
Global initiative for Google, Bing & Yahoo
What matters to people
The age of golden triangle
is (nearly) over
...because people get more rich information !
To compete, you have to be
by search engines
In local searches, people look for ...
Part 1 Summary
Web search is becoming easier for everyone
Search engines use more and more data for fine tuning
To compete, you have to give the right information, to the right places
Having your own mobile-friendly website is a must have

Part 2: Hyperlocal context : where you should be ?
Platforms you might already be using
"Local Business" pages
"UNAP" information
Bing Maps
User ratings and recommendations
Cannot be missed
"Google+ local" page
"UNAP" information
Google maps !
Agregate reviews / Google+ reviews.
Virtual visits
Hyperlocal Specialists
Hyperlocal outsiders
Hyperlocal specialist with more than 100 million reviews
Mobile app (9 millions users) & website enabled
Generate phone calls trought app (4,5 million)
Strong Social features
Business dashboard for owners
Check-in specialist (3 billion)
Huge database of local places (more than 55 million)
Use gamification
Popular app (40 million user)
Help to discover new places
Business dashboard for owners
Let owners purpose special deals
Geo-localized tweets and Hashtag, so you can reach people looking for same things
Could act like a e-Concierge
Geo targeting opportunities
Social network about images & inspiration
Used like a scrapbook, or travel planning tool
New geo-localized features
Could act like a local guide for things to do in VR area
Part 2 Summary
Google+ stand as a must-have
Purposes varies between platforms (Inspiration, reviews)
Creating business accounts is the key to efficiency and stats measures
Keep consistency between platforms and link them to each other to add relevance

Part 3: the (close-to) perfect Hyperlocal VR example
On your website
Your medias
Social Channels
Hyperlocal Platforms
Partnership & Ads
European seminar 2013
-Always easily accessible "UNAP"
- Mobile & tablets friendly
- Basic
SEO optimizations
(titles meta description alt tag)
- Unique landing pages by locations.
-Advanced SEO optimizations
Facebook markup
for places
Schema.org markup
for lodging business
Sitemaps with kml files (geo sitemap)

- Fresh & Useful written content
Local guide
Local life and event coverage
Local partner coverage

- Useful Maps : (GPS info,
public transport, Parking lot)
Geo-tagged meta data

Geo-tagged meta data

-Virtual visit
Embed on your website
Accessible on your Google+ page

-Custom maps Creation
Embed Google Maps with Google Map Engine
If missing, add relevant location in your area with Google Map Maker
-All channel : UNAP !

Create a local page
Complete all information
Ask for ratings and recommendations

Create a Google+local page
Complete all information
Add your photos with geo-tagging (G-earth)
Connect your website
Ask for the verified status
Ask for a virtual tour by a pro
Look for visits stats on your dash board

Follow up accounts relevant to your area or your destination
Tweet about topics your prospects will be interested in

create geo-localized board about your vacation rental
create geo-localized guide about surroundings (point of view, restaurants, shops...)
-All channel : UNAP !

Create a business account
Complete all information
Ask for check-ins in your venues
Create special deal, in partnership with local commerce
Look for stats

Create a business account
Complete all information
Ask for reviews
Look for stats

Use getlisted.org
Partnerships :

Your local eco-system is a key influencer:
Purpose partnership and local deal with local shops / complementory services
If you are in a big city : purpose Google City Experts or Yelp Elites to review your rental.
Ask for public tourism board listing if possible

Paid Ads :

Try Twitter re-targeted ads
If using Adwords: do not forget location extensions
Other search engines iniative
Not as complete & powerful as Google+ Local yet, but worth watching. (What are your referral?)
And tomorrow?
Geo local fences
Bluetooth fonction
Thank you !
Vacation rentals solutions
+33 6 49 15 09 52
Fast changes
Devil is in the details
Semantic is key
Partners & influencers will help you succeed
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