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Crosby Project

Student Behavior Presentation

Kayla Calica

on 16 June 2011

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Transcript of Crosby Project

Behavior Motivation Sexually Active Teens Drugs Gangs Dropout Lack of Every 3 out of 4 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 become pregnant. (Lowen) Only 35% of adolescents use a contraceptive each time they fornicate. (IDPH) 43% of students miss too many days and cannot catch up on work. (Patel) 45% of students are not prepared for high school beforehand because they are not taught the right material.(Patel) Students Suggest: (Patel)
-More home-to-school communication.
-More experienced teachers. (STD Statistics) (Inniss) Gang members are known to wear the same types of clothing ("Hayward High Schools Battle Gang Violence on Campus") Teens are highly influenced by drugs, weapons, and society, which can cause them to join gangs. ("Middle Schoolers Write About Youth Violence") "Middle Schoolers Write About Youth Violence" Having someone there to help gang-affiliated teens is crucial in ending gangs. (Avoiding Guns, Gangs, and Violence) (Kvitters, "Gang Problems") 76% encountered drugs on campus. (Hernandez) "Instant in" (Time to Act!) Signs (Time to Act!) Interventions (Time to Act!) (People Magazine) Bullying Schools are NOT doing enough to prevent bullying! The high school that Phoebe Prince attended never took action after her mother reported troblesome behavior (Lavoie) School neglected obvious signs of bullying (Lavoie) School's failure in protecting Phoebe from her harassers led to her untimely suicide (Lavoie) Sixty-six percent of youth are bullied or harassed each day(Let's Get Real) 160,000 kids miss school every day(Let's Get Real) (Megdilts) Weapons Columbine Massacre Victims: Luke Woodham Jeffrey Weise 1,132 high school students missed school at least once in the previous 30 days because they feared for their safety. (Thomas) Stereotypes Continuously struggle to be accepted
Inaccurate and cruel stereotypes
Inattentive Teachers
Stereotypes lead to dropouts THE SOLUTION:
-Awareness of surroundings and the social standards •Motivation is created through instructors and the school’s environment (N.R.E.L).
•Students are often put down and picked on.
•Instructors MUST have a positive relationship with their students. (Davis).
•Schools are similar to prisons (Crosby 4). Prisons Schools

Bells Bells

Wardens Administrators

Gates and walls Gates and walls

One unlocked door access One unlocked door

Timed schedule for activities Timed schedule for activites

High inmate-to-guard ratio High students-to- teacher ratio

Lots of inmates Lots of students

A cafeteria A cafeteria

Brad- looking facades Brad-looking facades

Lockdowns Lockdown drills

Cramped quarters Cramped quarters

Mass showers Mass showers (at secondary level)

Cell mates Class mates

Cost per prisoner=$24,000 Cost per student=$9,000 The Foundation for Change
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