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Week of October 20

No description

Dulia Longoria

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Week of October 20

SLT members are sending out surveys to help us complete our objectives for the IR plan.
Surveys are due

Friday, October 24.
Thank you in advance for completing them with your best thoughts!
Parent Conferences are coming up. In addition to their child's accomplishments, please discuss the following:
On line report cards. You will be provided with information to share with parents.
Parent Compact. This will also be provided for you
Back to school forms
Remember to turn in a work order in eduphoria for all technology assistance that you need.
See email from Oestreicher, 10/16 at 10:36 am regarding the two new updates being released by apple....
Do Not Install

Remember to thank Teri for being such a great member of our team
Team meetings to review your Woodcock Munoz scores.
Thanks for letting us know what day your team will be meeting. Send us a calendar invite
Friday, October 24 is early release for our students.
AM session is 7:45 to 9:45
PM session is 10:30 to 12:30
Pre-K eligible students in the PALS program leave at 9:45. Only employee students stay all day.
Office has notes to send. Please put this info in your newsletter.
Parents may come in to have meals with their students and sign them out early if they wish.
Grades will be entered before you leave for the day.
Oct. 23rd: AM students 5:00-6:00
PM students 6:30-7:30
If you are planning to take money at your activity,please see Maria for a form.
Also see Maria if you need money for change
Thank you committee for planning an unforgettable evening!
Remember your baked goodies for the bake sale.
Can't wait for the decorated pumpkin contest!!
And of course your costumes
Week of October 20
Lillie J
We are very happy that you are here!
Itzel Tapia...Front Office
Sara Reyes....PALS
Nate Fox....PALS
Beronica Reyes....PALS
Hollie Taylor...PALS (10/20)
Have a great weekend!!
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