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Life of Pi Hero's Journey

No description

Liam Riley

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Life of Pi Hero's Journey

Life of Pi Hero's Journey Ordinary World Call to Adventure Refusal of the Call Crossing the Threshold Meeting with the Mentor Tests,
Enemies Approach to the
Inmost Cave Ordeal Reward Resurrection The Road Back Piscine Moliter Patel, nicknamed Pi after the Greek letter, lives with his family in India
Pi is the hero of our journey
Pi is16 and has very interested in the animals at their zoo since birth Pi's father announces they are moving to Canada
Pi's father acts as the herald, the bearer of sudden and dramatic news
The family must take a journey across the sea with their animals Pi is reluctant to go to Canada
He must leave behind his girlfriend, who he has fallen in love with
Pi's fears about the journey are apparent A terrible storm capsizes their boat
Pi is the only human survivor
This symbolizes his entrance to the special word
He is forced to accept the journey of making it back to the ordinary world After the storm, Pi finds himself in a raft with just animals
He realizes he will have to fight the environment, the threshold guardian, in order to survive
He gets help from a survival handbook he finds in the boat, which acts as his mentor A large part of the book is small tests that Pi must complete
The orangutan/ Pi's mother is the main ally archetypal character, acting matriarchally
The hyena/the cook shows the shapeshifter archetype, killing others on the boat
Pi's devotion to the journey when he/the tiger has to kill the cook/hyena to save himself Realizing that he must become one with the tiger if he want to survive, Pi begins to train the tiger, his archetypal shadow
The training is long and trying, but it seems to be building to something momentous
Pi may be readying himself to face his biggest fear, death Pi = The Tiger

Pi's Mother = Mother Orangutan

The Cook = The Hyena

Injured Japanese Soldier = Injured Zebra Pi's journey has two different stories, and the reader decides which one is real. When I reference one of these characters, the archetype applies for both. After many days at sea, Pi asks for a thunderstorm from god, who can be seen as the trickster archetype in this novel
God sends a variety of magical things like flying fish and a neon whale, all seemingly to taunt Pi's faith
When miraculous and frightening lightning strike hits their boat, Pi hides under the tarpaulin as he makes it extend to cover the entire boat.
The event completes Richard Parker and Pi's bonding into one, possibly at the cost of their lives. Half dead, Pi and the tiger reach a mysterious floating island of edible plants, supporting a mangrove jungle, fresh water pools, and a large population of meerkats.
Both Pi and Richard Parker eat and drink freely and regain strength. This can be see as their reward for surviving the second storm.
That night however, the island transforms into a hostile environment and Pi faces the final resurrection.
Pi is being cleansed, but he cannot let himself die at the resurrection.
Richard Parker senses that the island is carnivorous and convinces Pi to leave with him after he finds a human tooth in a flower on the island After being cleansed at the island, Pi and his tiger finally find their road back home, landing on a shore in Mexico.
Richard Parker leaves almost immediately, symbolizing the end of their relationship and of their journey Return with the Elixir Pi arrives in Mexico with nothing, knowing no one Since his elixir is not wealth or fame, Pi's deep knowledge is what he can use to share with the world
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