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U.S.S. Indianapolis

No description

Katelyn Mcdermott

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of U.S.S. Indianapolis

What is it?
The USS Indianapolis was a ship hit by torpedoes. It was directed to join the battleship USS Idaho to prepare for the invasion of Hiroshima.It was bringing the first atomic bomb called "Little Boy" The Indianapolis was unescorted from Guam on a course of 262 degrees making about 17 knots. It was also known as CA-35.
What Happened?
On July 30, about the middle of the night he Indianapolis was hit by two torpedoes. The torpedoes were fired from a Japanese submarine. The first blew the bow away. The second, hit the middle of the ship. The effect, knocking out the electrical power. The ship sank.
There were 1,196 people on board the ship. 900 made it into the water before the ship sank. Most survivors were able to wear a kapok life jacket. Some were attacked by sharks starting at sunrise, until the men were removed from the water five days later.
The Risks.
At first the crews of other ships were unaware that the USS Indianapolis sank until they heard from the men in the ocean. The crews started to pull out dead men. To evacuate the survivors they were filled into airplanes and tied to the wings by parachute strings.

U.S.S. Indianapolis
Rescue, a little late
The survivors were accidentally found. The USS Cecil Doyle were alerted of the emergency.The captain decided to divert to the scene. Another crew arrived hours ahead and started to drop rubber rafts and supplies, while observing others being attacked by sharks.
By: Katelyn McDermott
The Result
The impact of this event shocked the public. Many were upset about the loss of their friends, neighbors, or loved ones. Many were scared since Japan were the ones who sent the torpedoes.
The CA-35
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