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V for Vendetta

No description

Brandon Griggs

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of V for Vendetta

speak out march search unknown trust everything decree explosion involved terrorist survive suffering trials Hero or Monster? The Tale of V an introduction is needed. the call to adventure While residing at the Larkhill camp testing is done on the prisoners. Only a few survive V among them. Through this testing V gains semi-super strength, endurance & stamina. After escaping from Larkhill V sets out to get revenge on those who were involved in the travesties of Larkhill & the St. Mary Virus. He sets out to kill all that were involved. road of trials V never experiences this step, he is continuously acting upon his vendetta. This vendetta is what defines V for the character that he is. apostasis justice truth terrorism government people guy fawkes london parliament death disease fear evey V fingermen st. mary's virus media lies larkhill lesbian gay homosexual minority trust pain blood sweat tears vengeance vendetta strength unity faith valerie creedy sutler public responsible trials vocational viewpoint virtue verdict visitors balance life love forbidden curfew red rage anger hate november vindication redemption lust lost reason view explosion rebel rebellion norsefire treason gunfire gunpowder hero monster tradition why need rubbish balox the gallery five man bio weapons big ben plot no mask traitor marked scandal knowledge vantage knife blade sharp hurt V's "call" was when he was put into the Larkhill resettlement camp. This is the start to all the events leading up to the imminent destruction of Parliament. V was an unassuming normal man until he was thrown into Larkhill. There he was tested and tortured upon. These events would then lead him to his path of destruction upon the government known as "Norsefire". supernatural aid crossing the first threshold To escape V uses fertilizer among other chemicals to make an explosion while at Larkhill.V ventures into the unknown not sure what is to come next. belly of the whale During the explosion V is horribly dis formed and mutilated. This is V's final separation from his known self/world. V shortly after knows what he wants to pursue; for he is transformed both in body, mind & soul. meeting with the goddess Where V meets Evey for the first time. From this point on V knows the feeling of love & affection for another. temptation V is tempted by evey to stop pursuing his vendetta on the government. Evey doesn't believe in the government but she does believe that killing is not the answer. atonement with the father we shall find out. vendetta death government fear homosexual london vengeance creedy violence afraid fingermen st. mary's virus ignorance rebellion faith unity outbreak dangerous night norm wrong the ultimate boon crossing the return threshold master of two worlds freedom to live the power of an idea V has gone and killed all of the people involved with the St. Mary's Virus; all but one person, Delia Surridge. Delia is the main person responsible for creating the virus and thus has control over life and death. She almost acts as a father figure to V and so this is why I believe he kills her last. V has a few different end goals that he seeks to accomplish. One is destroying parliament, another is killing all who were involved in Larkhill and the St. Mary Virus. He gains two other goals through his journey, one is to keep Evey safe and the other is making the final decision to let Evey (symbolizes the people) make the decision to blow up parliament because V doesn't believe he should have the right to make that decision. after V kills Mr. Creedy he returns to evey at the underground mortally wounded. V then confesses his love for her and explains that he only could think of getting revenge on the ones who hurt him so, that is until he met her and "then everything changed". V is now released and free. This freedom that he receives though is through death. V's end goal is accomplished and what he set out to do has been done. He has destroyed the government known as Norsefire and killed all those responsible for the St. Mary's Virus. His adventure and story has come to its end. vallerie adventure quest rape monster villain cause justice chaos confusion discipline children mother father social broadcast activists law fire chemical virus unknown larkhill disformed transcend threshold gay supernatural separation world vengeance murder mass murder suicide mask brutality vision eyes clouded reason rose symbol duty view knife blade identity prostitution black shadow hidden question everything sight subtle change useful shadows fate faith public people england bullets prevail why they need us brick underground the children revolt delia surridge St. Mary's power discovery science experimentation testing test subjects pitiful crying sadness experience moment defining strength unity faith persistence anarchy UK treason as one fear triumph preach resist reach reset decision choice burn idea believe blow up destroy deteriorate we power idea inspiring shame doubt fate choice rise up lose life love death hate fight trust choose why change train bomb sacrifice armor flesh more idea purpose fear scared frightened physical strangle release freedom live killed accomplish final at peace responsible course legacy face it speech lesbian love seek reason fear writing prison trapt desperation desecration creating something great stand down command creation inspiring the people voice try action define defend defy Evey Hammond Through the eyes of feminists Evey Hammond played both the role of a helpless woman and an independent woman. Through many incidents Evey stood up for what she felt to be right even when faced with the fate of death. While at the same time Evey did become dependent on V towards the beginning of the story. Though through V's trials and Evey being exposed to the extremes of corrupt government she grew stronger as a person. Degraded Evey Hammond was degraded during her scene with the priest where she was dressed up in a little girls outfit. Though it was for V's setup to kill said priest I can see how people could find this offensive to the female gender. Evey Rises Up While Evey goes through a lot of gender stereo-types I believe that she still comes out on top. For example at the begging of the movie Evey is helpless and scared of everything but through meeting V she is exposed to the truth and reality of things. Through her torture she still refuses to give up information about V. Evey has had help all the way; though this is what is required for anyone to achieve something higher. They need to be exposed & tempered. Genders Become Skewed As we progress through the movie/comic book we see a pressing matter of genders and their sexuality. Given examples are Valerie being prosecuted because of her sexual orientation; that orientation is her choosing to be a lesbian. It shows how she was discriminated against for her sexuality and how the government (Norsefire) treated her so violently. Norsefire also kidnapped anyone who was gay, lesbian or (depending on their situation) their religious choices. How Crazy Can We Get? Turns Out... Pretty Crazy Psychoanalysis & You. Denial I believe that V is initially in denial of his rage and superior strength. I believe that he tries to steer away from these through reverting to his past memories. Examples would include listening to classical music and appreciating fine arts. I believe V is at first in denial of who he is after the Larkhill accident. He doesn't want to admit to who he truly has become. In the movie he talks about how he tried to identify what his emotions were towards those that had done such awful things to him. Projection I believe that in a way V projects his negative attributes onto the government and this could be a possible reason to why he started down this path of destruction.In this context V would take all that he believes to be negative about himself and transfer it onto objects/persons in the exterior/physical world. These being the people in charge of the government (Norsefire). Transference When V murders each individual he holds responsible for the tragedies that occurred at Larkhill he leaves with them a rose. This rose has great symbolism in it. Throughout the movie/comic V is using the memories he had of growing roses in the garden while at the Larkhill camp; these were of his better memories. He relates this to rebirth and transfers these feelings and emotions onto those he murders and thus leaves with them a rose. One because he believes he is helping the country to be reborn and two it is to symbolize/relate to those who were involved in what he has become. Is V A Monster? Well this is for you to decide; I have simply provided the information so you can make an informed decision on the matter. We all have our demons to deal with the real obstacle however is how YOU deal with them. The Marxist View Economy, Economy, Economy V rebelling against economy? Within the tale of V, there is a struggle between government and its people. Through cause & effect this struggle makes class skewed & blurred; at least through your financial status. It seems that people are identified through their social rank primarily in the government "Norsefire". V is taking action against the government & its social standards. In some ways he is also acting against the economy which is a product of this government. Social Classes & Standards As said there is a social structure in place. However wealth doesn't seem to play as much of a prominent role as one might think. You will have some "pull" in society but its not really that significant. Where social class really comes into affect is what your rank is through the government. This is because government acts like a dictatorship & controls its citizens. If you have friends in the government or are apart of the government then you have privileges etc. V Is The "Other" Given V's contextual background information; he is the definition of the "other" in post-colonialism criticism. Hand 2 Hand Combat V has gained extensive knowledge in martial arts, knife fighting and hand to hand combat. Where he has acquired these talents & skills I'm not sure but this sets him apart from the dull & grey that is the public of Norsefire/London. V also does not use guns like the rest of the world; he only fights with his knives & hands. He is also referencing a man named "Guy Fawkes" throughout the movie/comic book. V is also wearing a Guy Fawkes mask throughout the stories entirety. He is constantly referencing back to those days when Guy Fawkes attempted a revolt against his government; V wants to capture the very same feeling. He becomes the other through these aspects and many others. "I thought it was rage at first too!" - V
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