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Kaitlyn's prezi

Kaitlyn's Prezi

Amy Edwards

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Kaitlyn's prezi

By:Kaitlyn Swigert Seeing Emily By:Joyce Lee Wong Emily Wu Seeing Emily Emily Wu is A 16 yr old girl who is ashamed of her Chinese heritage. She thinks if she even speaks chinese that she will be too chinese and that no one will like her. But Emily is determined to be her own person. Which turns out to be her Downfall. Baba is a traditional chinese man with traditional Chinese values. He is Emily's father. Although Emily may be ashamed to call him her chinese father. He was never disappointed or ashamed in her Mama Mama is as simple and humble as a Chinese woman gets. she also believes that Emily should be as well. she is Emily's mother, who only wants the best for her daughter. Nick is Emily's extremely cute and popular boyfriend. But not only is he cute and popular, he's also arrogant. although he say's he cares about Emily, but he actually doesn't. Emily loves the attention she's getting by dating Nick until her best friend gets jealous. Liz Liz is an all American girl. She's pretty,smart,tall. She has everything any girl could ever want. Except for the fact that her parents might be getting a divorce. Nina Baba Nick Hancock Nina is Emily's other best friend. there isn't much to say about Nina except that she is always there for Emily and Liz when they need her. Alex Huang Alex Huang is the son of an old family friend. Emily believes the only thing they have in common is that they both love to draw. but to her surprise they may have more in common than Emily thinks Setting This story takes place in America. Also it takes place in a chinese restaurant owned by Baba and Mama. But basically it takes place in a relatively small town. Plot: Emily is ashamed of her chinese culture. She hates that her parents always tell her to be more chinese and she thinks they are doing it to rule her life. This goes on until she meets a junior named Nick. Emily is amazed that he would even be interested in an asian girl. but later on in the story Emily feels torn between her love for Baba and Mama and her love for her boyfriend Nick. then later after the Huangs come back Mama and Baba decide to send Emily to a school in Hong Kong, China to learn chinese for a month over the summer. Emily is upset about this because she already knows chinese but never speaks it. Theme The theme of the story is that you should always love yourself the way you are. Because who you are is who you will depend on for the rest of your life. Ancient Chinese temple like the one Emily visits on her visit to china the city of Hong Kong
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