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Pop by gordon korman

No description

Hunter Cripps

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Pop by gordon korman

Pop By: Gordon Korman THE END My book was "Pop" By Gordon Korman. The book was based on the life of QB Marcus Jordon, a high schooler from Kansas who moves to Kennesaw, New York. The supporting cast is starting QB Troy Popovitch, an insecure cocky ladies man who is threatened by Marcus's presence. There's Alyssa Fontaine, captain of the cheer team and Troy's ex girlfriend, who starts seeing Marcus when he moves to town. Then there is minor characters such as Ron Roschatch who's the tailback, Calvin Applegate who plays wide receiver, and Coach Barker, the head coach of the powerful DNA Raiders. And then, there is the Popovitch family. There's Chealsea, Troy's sister, Mrs. Popovitch, the wife, and of course, Charlie. Charlie is a good friend of Marcus because they play football together in a local park. Charlie had a 14 year NFL career and he was receintly was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and thinks he is a teenager and Marcus is his best friend from high school, James Mctavish. Finally, there's Marcus's mother and Officer Deluca. Rising Action- In the rising action, Marcus joins up with the DNA Raiders. The team is lead by insecure QB Troy Popovitch, who feels threatened by Marcus's superior athletic ability at the QB position. The team doesn't welcome Marcus, mainly because he poses a threat to their state title winning team star, Troy himself. Despite Marcus being the obvious choice to start at QB, Troy remained the starter, mainly because he lead them to a state title the previous season. Marcus continued to play football at 3 Alarm Park with Charlie, who had changed Marcus in magnificant ways. Marcus, once a man who had shied away from contact, now lived for it. Marcus was once a QB, but was now a football player. The result of that was Coach Barker inserting Marcus into the starting lineup at cornerback and fullback. His tackles were fierce and his blocking and hard north and south running was devastating. After a few more sessions with Charlie at the park, Marcus becomes leery of the middle aged man's athletic ability and his way of life. He doesn't pay money at stores, he thinks he's a teenager, and he is quite the athlete. After extensive research, Marcus discovers that Charlie had a 14 year NFL career and had suffered several concussions during his time at middle linebacker. That lead to the truth: Charlie suffered from Alzheimer's Disease. Conflict- The conflict in the story is the chain reaction of events that occur between Marcus, Troy, the Popovitch family, and Charlie. It all starts out with Marcus. First of all, Troy feels that Marcus is a threat to him on and off the gridiron. Marcus is a natural athlete and Troy struggled with knowing that his backup was the best athlete in town. Troy also feels threatened by Marcus because he spends a lot of time with his father. The Popovitch family becomes involved when Marcus discovers Charlie's secret that he suffers from Alzheimer's Disease. They don't want the word to spread, so they keep a close watch on Marcus and what he says. Of course, then came Charlie. Because of his disease, he isn't able to function properly. Charlie thinks that Marcus is his high school bud, James Mctavish. Troy becomes angry that Charlie likes Marcus more than himself. And finally, there's your typical high school drama. Alyssa had recently broken up with Troy. She and Marcus then start dating, which makes Troy jealous. The conflict is simply a jumble of events between a few assorted people. Climax- The climax of the story occurred throughout the DNA Raiders season. Troy struggled the majority of the season while Marcus led Ron to a state record in rushing yards.The team was 9-0 with one game left against rival West Poughkeepsie. But as Marcus perused the East Boniventure University website, he was informed that Charlie was getting inducted into the school hall of fame. After the family said it was a bad idea, Marcus took action. He looked up old friend James McTavish, who opted to go along on the secret trip. The thing was, the induction interfered with the game. Marcus chose the induction. So as that crisp Sunday morning began, the real Mac and Marcus picked up Charlie and began their journey. The trip went well with a few scares here and there. The major surprise was how well Charlie understood the circumstances. As the game reached halftime, the family worried about the absence of Charlie. As Mac, Marcus, and Charlie were preparing to leave the university, the cops showed up. They took Marcus and Mac for questioning. Finally, the cops told Marcus that Troy was injured and Calvin, who was the 3rd string QB, was stinking up the house and DNA had a perfect season on the line. The drove Marcus to the game where he took over and led them to a comeback. But as the Raiders were preparing to take a knee to end the game, Charlie went chasing after a falcon. Marcus took off chasing him into the stands until it was too late. Charlie ran out of room and fell over a wall to his death. Falling action- After the win and Charlie's death, the Raiders went into the playoffs with heavy hearts. They took out all their sadness on the last seed of the playoffs carrying a lead into the 4th quarter. Marcus remained in at QB until he suffered a concussion on a scramble. He wanted to stay in the game, but Troy insisted that he sat out. Troy explained after the game that the reason for his father's disease was from all the concussions he suffered back in his day. After that game, Troy quit in fear. Marcus carried the team to state. He had done it. Resolution- A week after claiming a state title, Charlie's funeral was held. It was a somber day for all the friends and family of Charlie. Finally, Marcus had spotted Troy after a couple of minutes or so of looking. They had a chat about life and Charlie's football career. They had a nice talk and then something special happened; Troy told Marcus to play out his career leading with pride and dignity. After months of hate and grudges, the pair of QB's shook hands. Theme- The theme of this book really was to not hold grudges and to live life to it's fullist. Charlie had died a happy man that had lived a wonderful happy life. When Marcus and Troy held grudges against each other, they disliked each other. They later realized that they had been wrong about not liking each other and they became friends. That's what the theme of Pop was. By: Hunter Cripps
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