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Noneaur Bidness

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of (⊙‿⊙✿) ITS NOT FUNNY

DRAWING Things I've been drawing as long as I can remember. Paper drawings a.k.a. Printer paper Digital Drawing "Aliens" (Don't ask) Photoshop CS6 -Drawing on paper
-Drawing digitally
-Animating Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet The end. Have a video
and some random
pictures from my
computer, since you
listened to the whole
gog-darned thing. It takes a really, really, REALLY long time even when I'm rushing. I've yet to actually "finish" one I'm satisfied with. A sped up recording of me drawing. I was up late doing this so it has tons of mistakes, apologies. bluh bluh Inspirations (crazy sidewalk art people) more aliens I like drawing them ok Mostly sketches and doodles, not many complete pictures. "Super Fancy Expensive Professional Supplies" (read: stuff laying around the house) Things that I draw My Leetle Pony Homestuck
(words will not do it justice) BUNNIES (no I don't have a soft spot what are you talking about) (wow. never would've guessed. what a shock. didn't see that one coming.) Some art that has inspired the things I draw and how I draw them :P Random Unfinished Sketches: Part 1 Random Unfinished Sketches: Part 2 Random Unfinished Sketches: Part 3 WOW an alien Actually finished things (translation: none) WOW an alien Old/Unfinished (her name is not 'eve', it got cut off) Important things to remember while drawing: Don't stab yourself with your pencil (You could get a horrible infection and die a slow, painful death.) Thank you for watching here is a picture of a Misha Collins on an inflatable duck before after (look there's only one I told you there were none) (aka NOT MINE) I may have a slight problem (ignore the
x it was
late ok) also I can't
draw hands
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