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The future of technology by Deacon Clark

No description

Deacon Clark

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The future of technology by Deacon Clark

Future cars
everyday new car technology is getting created.

Far future cars
mobile phones nowadays
future phones
In the far future phone will be very advanced and will control the whole house equipment . most phone will also have holographs
homes of the future
In the futures home all technology will be connected . you can run your bath from your fridge. fridges will also have tablet on the front to tell you what is going out of date and recipes.
future houses
In the future, houses will be build very strong and can face any weather.houses will change to there environment e.g. open curtains ,open window ,put lights on and more. houses will also be on stilts to stop houses flooding .
Entertainment in the future will be griping .advanced technology is already coming out as the ps4 and xbox 1 are coming out . there will be no remotes most thing will be control by hand motion
The future of technology
The new Nissan leaf has just been made it is the first full electric car . This is the future as fossil fuels are running out .
In the far future there is a good chance we could see hover cars and solar powered cars .
Todays phones are quite advanced . The sony z1 is now fully water proof .also on todays phones your can go online,play games, take pictures and other stuff .
In summary the future technology will be advanced and it will have its advantages and disadvantages.

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