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The History of Kung Fu/ Chinese Martial Arts

The title says it all.

James Spurlock

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of The History of Kung Fu/ Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese Martial Arts
Who was the first to use Kung fu and why? Why was kung fu created? What are the types of kung fu and where did they come from? Kung Fu was likely created before recorded history. The techniques were probably descovered during disputes between humans and animals or even human tribes long ago. Over time, Kung Fu has devoloped into many different styles (see "Types of Kung Fu"). Nowadays, Kung Fu is not used as much as a defence, but more as a staple of chinese culture. The creation of kung fu has lead to some things we have today such as Kung Fu movies, a sport for entertainment, and famous Kung Fu fighters. Kung Fu is basically copying animals' movements and making them into fighting moves. It was created and copies animals' movements because in the past, it was beleived that it was the only way to survive in the harsh natural enviroment. Each type of Kung Fu is based on, or named after, a different animal. There are two separate ways to devide the types; as southern or northern fist, depending on where it came from. A few types of Kung Fu are the Drunken Monkey, Northern Shaolin, and Southern Praying Mantis. Dragon kung fu The End, Sorta.
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