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Magnetic Linear Accelerator

No description

Kyle Physics

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Magnetic Linear Accelerator

Magnetic Linear Accelerator Otherwise known as the Guass Rifle Is a device that manipulates attraction of ball bearings to magnets creating a selfsufficient weapon. The mass of the ball bearings must be the same, because the energy of the ball is sustained by the mass, if the mass was to increased, so would the amount of energy required to push the ball bearing along To go into specifics, the magnetic linear accelerator takes metal ball bearings and using Newtons 2nd and 3rd laws, the ball bearing are pushed towards a magnet, which increases its velocity with the magnetic field of the magnet, this then impacts with the magnet and with the reverse reaction forces the 2nd ball bearing on the other side of the magnet forward, with a velocity increased from the starting ball bearings velocity As you can see in this quick video, the ball bearing is forced forward by the trigger which is launched towards the first magnet, the 2nd ball bearing on the other side of the magnet is forced forward and the chain repeats. The ball bearing at the end of the chain will then be forced towards where the path is heading with a velocity that defers depending on the strength and quantity of magnets. Some questions would be, why should there by two ball bearings attatched to the magnet on one side?, why not one?, well the reason for this is that the magnetic field of a magnet is partailly dependent on the distance away from itself, that means that the second ball bearing is less attracted to the magnet then the first, which means that the velocity of the 2nd magnet will not be entirely affected by the attraction of the maget it was originally attatched to Now how exactly does Magnetic Linear Accelerators benifit to society?, Well the only real benifit would be there military uses, as something that can be fired as a projectile. Though, one would think that as a Magnetic Accelerator requires metal to function, that it would be possible to manipulate it as a nail gun or something that would require a metal projectile. The End
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