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SUGCON Optimize with Solr

SUGCON presentation on Solr

Tim Braga

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of SUGCON Optimize with Solr

Tim Braga

t: @tbraga01
e: timothy.braga@gmail.com
w: http://www.allthingssitecore.com

What is Solr
An open source search provider that was founded in 2004 by CNET as an in-house project for their website.
Scalable to the
Billions of
Faceted Search Results
Built on Lucene
Who are some of the
Big Players in Solr
Why Solr?
Single Server
Let's Get Started with the Fun Stuff!
How to work the Solr Web Interface

What is in the Solr config and what does it mean

Examples of Simple Indexes

Examples of Complex Indexes

Optimize with Solr
Sync Issues
Free version not released
Initial Concept and Evolution
The Agenda
Part I
Solr, what is it?
How Collette is using it
Part II
Solr Web Interface
Sitecore Solr config
Examples of Simple Indexes
Examples of Complex Indexes
Computed Fields
Part III
Field Level Boosting
Document Level Boosting
Spatial Search Example
Fuzzy Search Example
Built on Lucene
Fuzzy Search
Spatial Search
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