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Story of Orpheus, for IT class Orpheus=Andy Sixx, Eurydice=Scout Taylor-Compton

D**i W****r

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Orpheus

Orpheus Orpheus was the greatest musician in the world. The music he could play could touch the hearts of any and everybody. He was in love with a girl named Eurydice. Eurydice loved Orpheus as well, so they decided to get married. However, directly after the wedding, Eurydice and her handmaids were walking through a field. She tread to closely to a poisonous viper, and it bit her. The poison worked fast, and the new bride died there, minutes after her wedding. Orpheus was broken hearted at his love's death. His songs became sorrowful songs, full of sadness and longing for Eurydice.
Finally, he knew what he had to do. He journeyed to the Underworld to rescue her soul and bring her back. With his lovely, heart-wrenching melodies, Orpheus was able to safely pass the ferryman and Cerberus, the guard dog. The musician eventually made his way to Pluto and Persephone, the god and goddess of the Underworld. There, he pleaded his case before them, winning them over with his song. He was granted permission to bring her soul back to the land of the living, on one condition: he could not look back at her until they were out of the Underworld. So Orpheus took Eurydice, and led her away. The whole journey, Orpheus was careful not to look at Eurydice. Finally, he stepped out into the sunlight, and jubilantly turned back to see his love. To his dismay, his bride was still in the shadows of the Underworld. She vanished, murmuring a single word as she went. "Farewell." Orpheus never quite got over the premature loss of his bride. The god and goddess of the Underworld denied him a second chance. In time, he died, the animals of the forest mourning his loss. But then, he and his Eurydice were able to be together until the end of time. The End The End Orpheus- Andy Sixx Eurydice- Scout Taylor-Compton
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