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James Cook

No description

Jung Yeon Kim

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of James Cook

James Cook,
the world greatest navigator!
Information about James Cook!
He was the second child of James Cook and Grace Pace's eight child.
His dad was a poor farmer laborer.
Few of his sisters and brothers died when they were young.
James, Margaret and Christiana are the only one who survived until an adult.
Everyone is from England
James Cook's child didn't make any child
He married Elizabeth Batts
His family!
James Cook
Grace Pace
John James Christiana Mary Jone Mary Margaret William
(Die in 23) Elizabeth (Die in infancy when child)
James Nathaniel Elizabeth Joseph George Hugh 1763 1764 1767 1768 1772 1776
He was born on the 27, Oct, 1778 in Marton - in - Cleaveland, England
He was named after his father
He was one of the world greatest navigator
He went to "Postgate School" in Great Ayton
He was in School for 12-13 years.
He was a bright smart kid
He loved math
James Cook!!
mapping the coastlines of other countries
Good leadership
good navigator
The First Voyage!
He set sail on the 1st of August, 1768
He landed at Tahiti in June, 1769
He observed the information about Venus
He mapped Tahiti's coast
He went to New Zealand
He landed on the 6th of October,1769
He charted the North and South island's coastlines of New Zealand
Then he went to the eastern coast of Australia on the 28th of April, 1770
He first sighted kangaroos
He found the Great Barrier Reef and mapped its coastline.
He returned home on the 12th of July,1771
The Second Voyage!!
He set sail on the 13th of July, 1772
He was the first person to cross the Antarctic Circle. It was the 17th of January, 1773
They were really close to land on Antarctica, however it was too cold
So he gave up
While going back, he landed at New Zealand and mapped its island (He was the first person to map it accurately)
He returned home in 1776
Captain Cook's first voyage, route!
Who came with him!
Astronomer Charless Green
Botanist Joseph Bank
Daniel Solander
9 scientists
Why he traveled!
In 1769, June Venus was due to past the Sun
It was only visible in the Southern Hemisphere
So they went observe those information
He was also given a secret mission to find a Southern Continent
And the British Admiralty sent him
Who was there before them?
New Zealand was already found by Dutch sailor, Abel Tasman on the 13th of December, 1642
The Maoris, the islanders were already living there (They were very fearful so Cook didn't go inland)
Nicholas Baudin, Robert O'Hara Bruke and William John Wills explored Australia before Cook
Who came with him!
A team of scientists
Why he traveled!
He was chosen to lead this mission in search of a Southern Continent
The British Admiralty and the Royal Society sent him
Also to test the version of the chronometer for longitude determination by John Harrison
Final Voyage!
Cook became known as the greatest navigator
He set sail on the 12th of July, 1776 in Plymouth, England
On the way to the North Pacific, they revisited New Zealand
In January 1778 Cook became the first Europeans to record the Hawaiian islands
In Hawaii, the Hawaiians were treating them very nicely
So, they stayed there for 1month
After that, they entered the Arctic Ocean
However, the ice was blocking their way
As a result, they went back to Hawaii
They were planning to spend Winter in Hawaii and enter the Arctic Ocean in Summer
Why he traveled!
The British Admiralty asked Cook to find the fabled Northwest Passage
He was chosen to do this because they thought there would be no better man for this
Who came with?
69 crews
Sir. Hugh Palliser
Philip Stephens
John Montagu
His Death...
When they went back to Hawaii, the Hawaiians weren't being nice to them anymore
Because they used too much natural resources last month
As a result, James Cook was killed in a battle with the Hawaiians
On the 14th of February,1779
James Cook's Legacy!
The Cook's statue stands in Christchurch in New Zealand
The area in which Cook lived in England is now called the Captain Cook Country
The things that he used are now in the museums
There is a monument in Botany Bay
The statue in New Zealand!
They built the statue of James Cook because he mapped lots of islands of New Zealand
He also mapped the coastlines of New Zealand
The area where Cook lived is called Captain Cook Country!
Its because he lived there
What he use are in the museams!
What items are in the museum :
His log books
Items from his ships
Painting by the ship's artists
The clothes he wore
Those are there because its the items that Cook used
So other people Know what he used while exploring
By: Jessica
There is a monument in Botany Bay, Australia
It's because he sighted the Great Barrier Reef
He was first person to sight the kangaroos
He mapped Australia's coastlines
He landed in Botany Bay
Interesting Facts!
He was the first European to go to Australia
He was the first person to cross the Antarctic Circle
As I mentioned, he observed information about Venus. So he helped them measure the length between the Earth and the Sun
For 4months he mapped 2000 miles of Australia's coastline
Details of his vessel!!
This is in Tahiti, James Cook witnessing human
The route of his second voyage!
The route of his third voyage!!
The red is before his death
The blue is after his death
This is the Hawaiians killing James Cook
Enchanted Learning
Explorers and Leaders
Childhood life achievement
James Cook
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