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Modoud Events

Company Profile 2013

Baher Redwan

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of Modoud Events

Welcome To ..
Company Profile
Who We Are?
Modoud Events was founded in May, 2010 by young creative Saudi team

Aiming to provide the market an international standard solutions

Although operating in Jeddah, we do have affiliations across Kingdom & pan GCC
Vision & Mission
To become the first choice in the Events & Activation management field in KSA by 2017

To Provide our clients and community with creative, innovative, cost effective and outstanding concepts and ideas to fulfill their and our needs and requirements

Finding and implementing the best and the most creative ways to apply our concepts with the best operational standards, to ultimately provide the perfect event and activation experience
Our Values & Principles
Client value creation
Integrity in conducting business
Honesty with all stakeholders
Respect for the individual

Principals (COADE)
Our Strategy
Our strategy for the next 2 years is to:

Invest in strong individuals to build a powerful, robust & sustainable business.

Invest in the industry & follow a 40/60 rule. 40% Modoud owned events & 60% clients events
Thank You
Modoud's Way
This is how we insure quality!
Event Management
Event management is a rapidly-growing market in KSA. Modoud strives & aims to claim a large market share of the industry.

Starting from the idea development and ending at execution, we at Modoud pay attention to the smallest detail in each & every stage of our work
Our Event Management services include but not limited to:

Corporate events.

Private events.

Road Shows.

Product Launches.

Opening events.


Pushing Sales events

Out-door Activation.

Signature events.

Signature Occasional events.


Marketing Programs.

Flyers Distribution.


In-door Activation.

Promotions Activation
The Team You Can Bank On
General Manager

Expertise: Accounting & Finance / Business Development

With 3- year in Hospitality industry and 2 years in Financial Sectors Experience, Mazen has a leadership role in the organization and is responsible for strategic and business development as well as financial management.

As one of the Event Team member, Mazen plays his role in participating in building and brainstorming ideas for Signature events As well as Clients Requests.
Mohammed T. Al Dabbagh (Mr. Solutions)
Marketing & Business Development Manager

Expertise: Strategy, Planning, Analysis & Development

With 3 years experience in the Planning & Business Analysis & 2 years in business development & marketing. Mohammed is responsible for getting the business, developing strategies & existing businesses as well as looking for new opportunities & uncharted business areas.

Being in marketing & business development, Mohammed plays an important role in conceptualizing the ideas & putting them in an executable package
Key Accounts 2012
2012 Highlights
Clientele in 2013 – Overlook
Modoud is looking at 100% key accounts client retention in 2013

Combined value of accounts in 2013 is estimated to be 5.5 Million

Estimated value of Modoud own events to be held is SR 3 Million

Combined Business Value is SR 8.5 Million

Estimated no. of events in 2013 is 22 events
Asst. Marketing Manager

Expertise: BTL Marketing & Event Management

With 4 years experience in Below The Line Marketing and 2 years in Event Management. Baher is responsible for creating new concepts, developing existing ones & customize concepts that suits our clients needs.

Being the youngest, Baher is always bringing fresh and new ideas to insure that Modoud always stays ahead of the competition.
Baher A. Redwan (The Creative)
Mazen M. Al Theneian (The Reasonable)
Let The Work Do The Talk
Baby Summer Olympics 2012
Type: Modoud Own Event

Scope: Comprehensive

Objectives: World’s fist Baby Olympics

Attendance: 6,000 in 3 days
Masharef Owner's Day
Type: Corporate Event

Scope: Comprehensive

Objectives: Casual Themed Owner's day

Attendance: 750 in 3 days
UMA Customer Appreciation Event 2012
Type: Corporate Event

Scope: Comprehensive

Objectives: Honoring Top Clients

Attendance: 100 Companies in 3 Cities
Thank You
Thank You
Middle East Event Awards 2013
Modoud Events' creativity and execution were recognized for the most prestigious award known to the event management business in the Middle East as we were placed as one of the top 5 in the category
Operations Manager

Expertise: Event Operations & Manpower Management

With 6 years in Event Operations & Manpower Management Experience, Samer is responsible for translating ideas into reality in the most efficient and practical way insuring a superb quality

Being the operations guru, Samer is always finding ways to raise the bar for our competition in terms of events management and execution
Samer Munshi (The Machine)
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