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U.S. History 5.06 The War Ends

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Paola Reyes

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of U.S. History 5.06 The War Ends

U.S. History 5.06 The War Ends
Question 2
The Bomb should have not been dropped because it killed a lot innocent people. The first bomb at Hiroshima killed about 50,000 people and immediately destroyed the city. The second bomb that was dropped at Nagasaki killed about 40,000 people. More Japanese people died due to the radiation sickness. The bombs also destroyed thousands of buildings. Also many people were sure that when the soviet union joined the fight against Japan, Japan would end up surrendering a lot faster because they were running out of supplies.
Question 3
I do not think the bomb should have been dropped because both of the bombs combined caused about 100,000 deaths. They not only killed people instantly, but also killed people later on due to radiation sickness and other related illnesses. The bomb destroyed buildings and rebuilding would years.
Question 1
The Bomb should have been used on Japan because Truman believed that it would have been the only way Japan would surrender. Japan was very persistent during the war and didn't seem that they would give up easily. In order for Japan to surrender the U.S. had to drop two bombs, the first one was dropped over Hiroshima and the second was dropped over Nagasaki.
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