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HEC-Telling the story of a movement

Family Medicine Institute

Moza Al Kuwaiti

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of HEC-Telling the story of a movement

Surprises! Health
Centre By: Dr. Moza Al Kuwaiti
Chair, Family Medicine Institue Health Education Centre

In the course of patient care, every patient/family interaction is an opportunity to educate.
Al Ain Hospital (AAH) and Family Medicine Clinics (FMC) look to provide patients and family education to support patients and their family members in making informed decisions and to actively participate in their care. Health Education Centre

Coordination and Integration of all Health Education activities across the AAH, OPD, FMCs and ED and with Al Ain Community at large.

Monitors and supports patients and family members who are able to participate in their care and make informed decisions.

Health Education Centre utilizes the e-scheduling/e-referral system for patients. This referral can be for one session or group of sessions as advised by the treating physician or under different specialty to meet patient /family health education needs. Referrals can be from the AAH and FMCs and other SEHA facility. The centre is open from 0800-1600. Sunday – Thursday.

Responsible for Operating the new digital signage solution (LCD) in OPD building 1 and 2. This is a multifunctional high technology system which has been established to improve patient and family health education during their waiting time for appointment. Health Education Centre Working Hours Location

Working hours
5 days a week starting at 0800 till1600

Trained Staff –AAH

Referral To HEC
By Doctors using E- Referral

Whom should be referred
After providing health education session/s to patient /family member /care giver, if additional education is required, referral to the health education center is required Health Education Centre Human Resources Trained Staff Health Education Centre Challenges Health Education Centre Quality Measures Audit
Post Session Evaluation
Objectives of each Session Health Education Center Share Point https://aahportal/PFE/default.aspx Digital Signage in AAH The health education department is responsible for Operating the new digital signage solution (LCD) in OPD building 1 and 2. This is a multifunctional high technology system which has been established to improve patient and family health education during their waiting time for appointment. PFE JCIA Standards PFE.1 The organization provides education that supports patient and family participation in care decisions and care processes.
PFE.2 Each patient’s educational needs are assessed and recorded in his or her record. 
PFE.2.1 The patient’s and family’s ability to learn and willingness to learn are assessed.
PFE.3 Education and training help meet patients’ ongoing health needs.
PFE.4 Patient and family education includes the following topics, related to the patient’s care: the safe use of medications, the safe use of medical equipment, potential interactions between medications and food, nutritional guidance, pain management, and rehabilitation techniques.
PFE.5 Education methods include the patient’s and family’s values and preferences and allow sufficient interaction among the patient, family, and staff for learning to occur. 
PFE.6 Health professionals caring for the patient collaborate to provide education. Learning Needs Teaching Plan Teaching Patients Behavior /Attitude Teaching Process Learning Needs Clear Understanding of Disease Conditions Diagnosis and Care Process
Safe and Effective use of Medications
Potential Interaction between prescribed medications and other medication
Diet & Nutrition:
Dietary requirement
Interaction between medication and food.
Pain Management.
Instruction on Safe & Effective use of medical Equipment:
Rehabilitation Techniques
Information on Community Resources
to Access Emergency Barriers & Difficulties of Learning Age
No motivation to learn
Sensory impaired
Physical barriers Ability & Readiness to Learn Responded to question
Follow direction
Willing to learn
Unwilling to learn
Unwilling Methods & Tools of Education Web page
Group discussion
Verbal instruction
Others HED Structure Health Education
Centre Topics Culture
Financial barriers
Social barriers
Others PFE Audit
Care givers
Community Health Education Purpose To improve healthcare outcomes by educating patients and their families in the promotion of healthy behaviors which aide recovery and encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle through a multidisciplinary personalized educational approach No Show
Wrong Referral
Not willing to pay
Not Available
Refused to Come
Rescheduling Patients
Outpatients Families Community Care Givers Health Education Centre Target Developing Patient Education Material Guideline 2013 LCD installation and configuration Digital Signage project in AAH has many applications, including educating and entertaining patients in the waiting areas.

The proposed solution consists of the total number of 30 Samsung LCDs of two types one is of 46” and other is of 40”. These LCDs are installed in different location of outpatient 1 and outpatient 2 buildings.

In Al Ain Hospital, by placing LCD screens (Digital Signage) in waiting areas in the outpatient 1 and 2, you can help make the wait more enjoyable for patients and those accompanying them. A visit to the doctor isn't always pleasant, but the intelligent use of dynamic digital signage can take some of the sting away - and make it easier for the healthcare provider to communicate with patients. While waiting in the doctor's waiting room for their appointment, patients view instructional content that helps them communicate with their physicians during their visit. Digital Signage in AAH A DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOLUTION is remotely controlled distribution of digital content across networks of displays it is a forefront of digital media distribution by allowing motion pictures, graphics, scrollable text and audio to be downloaded and displayed simultaneously at one or multiple locations. All the screens, no matter where they are located, can be managed from a single location. Digital Signage Location and Distribution in AAH Symon Enterprise Software (SES) will help us to perform the following tasks:

Create sign templates with default characteristics that are unique to specific sign types
Load sign data into SES Administrator using a tab-delimited text file
Add and manage signs
Store sound/wave files and animations for use within messages
Create the connection status of hardware and view alert messages The primary modules of Design Studio include:

Design Studio Lite*
Content Distribution Services*
Screen Control*
Proof of Play Reporting* Screen Control

Symon Screen Control software provides an optional module within Design Studio that will enable you to remotely control televisions, LCDs and Plasma displays to turn on/off, mute and adjust sound levels, control which inputs are being used. Phase I: Launching (2012)

Phase II: Kiosik (2013)

Phase III: IP T.V (Future) Phase II: Kiosik (2013)
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