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TV project

No description

jazz wang

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of TV project

BBX Project Plan We all have this big TV.. BBX Now is an excellent chance to present you with.... The Market trend Why us 1. No Taiwanese game company enter this market....yet

2.We need to a break-point to enter Mobile market....Can't depend on and

3. Total solution for Mobile online games and Mobile platform We choose: 1. Android OS .....still growing.... 1.Foxconn shipped 60 inch TV to market and plan to step into content service 2.Foxconn co-op LeTV to release TV box in 2012 and Smart TV in 2013 and target in China 3. MS will release Xbox 720 and cost-down version called "Xbox TV" with party games 4.MIUI announce TV box and leverage Popcap for game channels And How ? Let's start with Price War NTD$1000 2. Rockchip RK3066 (Duel-core 1.6Ghz+quad-core Mali-400 ) 3.Better UI and controller solution Because........Android OS is biggest Mobile OS in the world NOW How about performance and quality? Steps and actions: By Jazz Wang 2012/11/23 What is BBX? Gaming console Online Mobile game platform on TV TV Shopping station Family social network 1. ODM with China manufactory 2. Build up "BBX game Lobby" 4.Build EC platform for Online Shopping 5. Keep OTA to push news as media and software updates 3. Pre-load and Publishing online Mobile games on BBX Development: Foundation : Jan 2013
Platform ready: April 2013
Manufactory: July 2013
1st shippment date : Sep 2013 2013 perfomance goal Target : 100,000 pcs
ARPF: NTD 500 (ItemMall,
EC revenue share, box sales)
Life time: 12 months
Game live: 5 ( 2 for onlines, 3 party) Projecttion: 2013 ARPF:20M
2014 ARPF:70M
2015 ARPF:100M
2016 ARPF:150M (Product cost at NTD$800) Excellent chance means Action NOW!! BBX business Plan We are using and for gaming now.......
but the best playground at house should be like this: Better UI should be looks like Connection and play game anwhere and anytime Only
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