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Patent Search Tricks

Use the Google search box to find exactly what you're looking for, including answers to math problems and the current weather.

Marcus Zanon

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Patent Search Tricks

Dicas de
Busca de Patentes by Marcus Busca no USPTO Há 2 Bases deDados no USPTO Google excludes common words like "I" and "the". Placing text in quotes searches for that exact phrase. " " Example:
Searching for "how to write a bibliography" gives you search results that contain that exact phrase. Placing a - in front of a term excludes that word. - Example:
None of your results will have the word computer in them if you search for apple -computer. Placing text a ~ in front of a word searches for that word and all its synonyms. ~ Example:
Searching for cat ~nutrition gives your results that contain cat along with nutrition, food, protein, health, etc. Inluding related: and the URL searches for results that are somehow related to that URL. related: Example:
Searching for related:google.com gives you results that have to do with searching the Web. Putting OR (must be capitalized) includes either of the words. OR Example:
Searching for ipod OR mp3 player gives your results that contain either ipod or mp3 player. Putting ... between numbers searches for numbers in that range. ... Example:
Searching for economy 1928...1932 gives you results that contain economy and any number between 1928 and 1932. Search within a web domain by including site: and the URL. site: Example:
Searching for battery site:learninginhand.com searches the Learning in Hand site for battery. Search for sites that link to another by including link: and URL. link: Example:
Searching for link:azk12.org gives you results that contain links to azk12.org. Buscas no Espacenet Buscas no JAPIO Get definitions of a word from multiple sources. define: Find out the current weather conditions and forecast for a city. weather: Quickly call up a map of a location. map Get the current time for any location. time Get current exchange rates for money. $$$ Get information about a URL, including a short description, links to its cache, similar pages, and sites that link to that URL. info: Infomercial Input a math expression for Google to solve. arithmetic ADDITION:
Entering 2+5 returns 7

Entering 2009-25 returns 1984

Entering 365*5 returns 1825

Entering 100/5 returns 20

Entering 4^2 returns 16

Entering 17%5 returns 2 (the remainder after division) Use Google to convert expressions with different units. conversion http://www.googleguide.com/calculator.html Learn lots more about using Google as a calculator:
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