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Google's Marketing Mix

No description

aaron trotter

on 10 October 2011

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Transcript of Google's Marketing Mix

Product Price Physical Enviroment

Process People Place Promotion People
Google? Google’s mission is to organise the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Founded
1998 by
Students Annual Profit
$8.505 Billion
30/6/2011 How? Product
Physical Enviroment
Process Through it's Target Market The word spread. A Brand Image formed. Google was founded by university students who had enough of the current search engines.
They grew up as users, they knew what people wanted. Search results should be:
The user interface should be:
easy to use, no code required
clean A brand image, meant that google could release many products.
Quickly dominating the IT world. Main selling points -
Easy to use
Google has many competitors, but the strong brand image surpases each rival easily. Free for public use.

Paid if for commerial use.

Googles Products are free for general purpose
and non commerical use.

However, if intending to use Google's products
commerially, Google offers extra features, more
services and better servers but at a fee. Free = More Users = Advertising With millions of users on each of Google's products daily,
companies are willing to pay a high price to advertise. Word of Mouth has been googles greatest advertisers.
'To google' is used so often, it is now a verb. Googles products are so vast, that they can advertise on each product for free. Google see's no need to advertise on TV when it 'owns the internet' Locations Internet Googleplex (HQ - located at Mountain View in California. The site looks very much like a university campus with gyms and cafes.

Google also maintains 23 European locations, 14 Asia/Pacific locations, 5 Middle East locations, and 3 Latin American locations. Google is an online business i.e. it distributes using an the internet as its channel. 29k Employees (30/6/2011)
Top 10 best company to work for
Allowed to donate 20% of your time to work on projects that interest you. Employment Voted one of the best

Interested in you Customer Service 'Every employee is a hands-on contributor and everyone wears several hats' 'We are aggressively inclusive in our hiring and we favour ability over experience' Google retains your search term. It collects data on searches to help to refine the search algorithm. Can see whats on people's minds - can get a head start of rival companies.

What do people want?
What is in need of change?
Where technology is heading Google's products are constantly changing - changing with it's users. This means Google's products are always 'new' and up-to-date - keeping its outstanding reputation.
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