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Teacher Instruction Manual to Teach

ashutosh kumar

on 4 January 2013

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Foundation Drive level 1 Phase 2 Results Core COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS teachers corner basic fundamentals office package multi media basic programming 1. daily contact program
2. facebook page
3. piazza
4. Note (pdf and docs)
5. online quiz
6. project 1. weekly report
2. progress assessment
3. discussion forum
4. english
6. revision 1. discuss machine
2. computer as versatile machine
3. where computer use
4. use related to students like
music , paint , video , picture etc
5. Demonstrate application
tools required 1. projector
2. laptop
3. gcompris
4. tuxpaint
5. desktop further reading www.howstuffworks.com
chapter 1 this level 1 students learn concepts 1. compter as machine
2. parts of computer
3. correct way of using
4. function of mouse
5. function of keyboard
6. paint(icon , tools ,toobar)
7. Desktop. skills 1. developing good habit
2. taking appropriate precaution using machine
3. sharing resource with others
4. taking permission
5. curiosity (observing , thinking and questioning)
6. being sensitive to others need
7. neatness
8. attention to detail
9 being sensitive to the needs of other
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