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Copy of The Music Department

Introduction to Music at Cambridge House

Amanda Kay

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of The Music Department

Curriculum “Sing Up” to replace Voice Works –
Helps our children with their learning across all subjects, developing their concentration and memory retention, and creates a real sense of belonging. It’s a feel-great factor to our school! Keyboard Skills – “Keyed Up”
The series of books brings students up to the standard for Trinity Guildhall's Initial examination and not only allows the student to develop at their own pace but encourages independent learning. Music Express -
A change in the lesson plans with particular attention to more ICT use and Humanities based topics relevant to the Year groups Music ICT in the
Music Classroom Enthuse
Celebrate Yr 3 & 4 / Yr 5 & 6 Choirs
Through singing, our choir members explore musical content, and learn how music expresses emotion, creates shared experiences, bridges differences, tells stories, produces beauty and enriches others.
They should be commended on their commitment Private Instrumental instruction
Continue to promote and encourage children to learn an instrument. Promotes self-confidence. Tuned percussion work – “Class Ensemble"
Improves team building skills, confidence and concentration. TOUCHING THE ICEBERG

iPads – ‘Garage Band’

Being connected to keyboards using iRigs – music notation - able to manipulate notes and add layering to the overall sound

‘Keyed up’ – online keyboard tutorials - connected to the iPads

Research - invaluable resource tool Performances

December 2012 – Year 3 & 4 concert
Chelsea Pensioners – choirs
Year 5 & 6 concert - 2013
Celebration of Musical Talents – invite schools - 2013
International Fair – 2012 – celebrate our diverse culture
Choirs perform at prize-giving
Assembly spotlights – showcasing the talents in our school
Afternoon Musical Club / Tuned percussion
club KS2 - 2012/13 We are about contribution, that’s what our job is … everyone was clear you contributed passion to the people ... Did you do it better than the next violinist, or did he do better than a pianist?
I don’t care, because in contribution, there is no better!”

Benjamin Zander
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